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The Importance of Sun Protection for the Scalp

The Importance of Sun Protection for the Scalp

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You may know the importance of having sun protection on your skin. It is critically important even if you are outside only for a short period of time each day. Yet, you may not be putting enough attention on your hair and your scalp. The sun’s rays can do just as much damage to these areas as it can do to your skin. You may, like many others do, believe that your scalp isn’t impacted by the sun because it is hidden under your hair. That’s not always the case. If you are not taking steps to protect it, the good news is that it can be easier to do than you realize.

Why Your Scalp Matters and Needs Attention, Too

The scalp is skin. Just like any other area of your body, it can be impacted by the UV rays from the sun. There is no doubt that the scalp can be seen as tougher than other areas of the skin; it can still suffer significant damage from the sun’s rays. And, like other areas, it is also at risk of having skin cancer develop. There is also the higher potential for your hair itself to suffer damage from the sun as well. The sun’s rays can dry it out and cause hair to become damaged and frizzy.

What Can You Do to Fix This Situation?

If you are scratching your head more often than you used to or you are experiencing situations where you have developed scarring or age spots on your scalp, it is time to take action to fix this. There are a few simple things to do to protect your scalp from sun damage. Doing this every time you are outdoors is important, just like protecting the rest of your skin.

When Possible, Wear a Hat

One of the easiest and most effective ways for you to protect your scalp from damage from the sun is to wear a hat. A hat is a fast solution because it simply blocks the sun’s rays from hitting your scalp. It can be an easy solution for those last-minute errands. It is a good idea to choose a hat that’s comfortable, like a ball cap or a full visor. Keep in mind that the heat is not good for your head either. That means if it is very hot, consider a lightweight hat. Look for something that provides full coverage that does not allow the sun’s rays to penetrate into it.

Use Sunscreen on Your Scalp

It is a good idea to take time to protect your skin using sunscreen – don’t forget your scalp. One way to do this is to use a sunscreen product after you take a shower. Do this when the hair is still wet. Allow it to dry into place and avoid rubbing it out. You should rub it, though, into the scalp itself. It only takes an extra minute to do this. There are so many products on the market that make this very easy to do so.

Other Tips for Protecting Your Scalp from the Sun

  • If you have thin hair, apply sunscreen directly to the scalp. This also very important for those who wear very short or tight faded hair cuts. If you have hair loss– or bald spots – cover them with sunscreen.
  • Put your hair up instead of allowing to be down. This can help to minimize the damage to your skin and your hair from the sun. It only takes a second to wrap your hair up and out of the way.
  • If you are swimming, be sure to reapply the sunscreen to your head. This should be done every few hours.

Your scalp is very much at risk for damage from the sun. You can find a variety of skincare products that contain the necessary protections. Be sure to seek out those designed for the scalp as well. This can make a big difference in keeping your skin safe from any type of damage.

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