Hair loss is sometimes perplexing. For a long time, people simply didn't know what it was, why it happened, or what they could do to stop it. Through science and modern medicine, we now have a significantly better understanding of what causes hair loss for both men and women.

However, there are plenty of myths that many people believe about this condition. If you are following any of the following, you may not be getting the full picture. The good news is that with a better understanding of hair loss, it is often possible to get relief when you are experiencing this problem.

#1 - Added Brushing Doesn't Really Improve Circulation

A common myth related to hair loss has to do with brushing. One of the oldest myths states that if a person brushes his or her hair at least 100 strokes a day, he or she will see significantly less loss of hair. How can this be? The myth states that the process helps to stimulate blood circulation on your scalp. This is supposed to help you to prevent hair loss. Unfortunately, it does not work. There is no increase in circulation and, ultimately, no way for brushing to lead to less hair loss. In fact, it can make it worse.

#2 - Washing Your Hair Doesn't Causes Hair Loss

This is another big myth. Some people believe that if they wash their hair too often, this can cause hair loss to occur. There is no doubt that you will likely lose some hair in the shower each day. For most individuals, this is an acceptable amount of hair loss. You'll lose between 50 and 80 strands each day, when you lose within this normal range. Studies indicate that washing your hair daily may even reduce the amount of hair loss you have overall. This is because you are washing away oils from the scalp that can build up and lead to significant loss.

#3 - There's (Sometimes) a Cure for Hair Loss

The myth many believe here is that hair loss is a permanent problem. Once you lose it, it's gone. That is not entirely true. In many situations, hair loss can be treatable. This depends on the cause and the methods of treatment that you are willing to try. Some can have surgical procedures to restore hair growth to the head. Not everyone benefits from surgery. Others may benefit from a treatment protocol to prevent hair loss and preservation of hair.

#4 - Getting Your Hair Cut Doesn't Promote Growth

Another common myth that many believe is that getting your hair cut more often will promote it to grow. This is not likely to be the case. You may know that the hair's growth cycle controls hair growth. In short, you cannot change this cycle no matter how often you wash or cut your hair. In other words, it is not possible to promote hair growth by simply getting your hair cut more often. Getting it cut more frequently can help it to look better, but it will not provide any hair loss improvement.

#5 - Blow Drying Doesn't Cause Hair Loss

A final myth to keep in mind has to do with blow drying. Blow drying your hair can damage the hair itself. This is one of the main reasons that many individuals suffer from damaged, dry hair. However, it is not a cause for hair loss. The myth states that the heat from the dryer can damage the scalp. Unfortunately, this isn't what is causing your hair loss. Of course, reducing the amount of drying on high heat can help to improve the way your hair looks. It's a good idea to reduce this intense heat as much as possible.

Hair loss is brought on by many factors. Your hairstyle can cause it, especially if you pull your hair tight. Your hereditary factors can be a key reason for this as well (known as androgenetic alopecia, or male or female pattern baldness). You may also have an underlying health ailment, such as alopecia areata, that can cause this to occur. It's important to talk to a hair loss professional or your doctor about the loss you are experiencing. You'll find there are often solutions to the problem, especially if the underlying cause is treatable. Finding the right solution to hair loss takes time considering the numerous options.