Does It Work?

If you’ve been wondering if low-level light therapy might help your thinning hair, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that you can’t know for sure right now, while you’re doing research, if light therapy will work for you. The good news is, you can know for sure whether you have a type of hair loss that can be treated with low-level-light therapy. The way to find out is to have a microscopic hair and scalp analysis done by a professional you trust. UHC’s owner, Flora Fuentes, and her team can tell you after a short consultation whether you will benefit from low-level light therapy treatments or not.

It’s fairly simple to identify whether this treatment will help you. It all depends on how and why your hair is starting to thin or fall out.

The make-or-break question when it comes to low-level light therapy is this: Is your hair loss caused by androgenetic alopecia? If it is, you can very likely prevent loss, promote healthy hair growth, and enrich the hair you have using light therapy. If not, another condition is probably causing you to shed hair, and low-level light therapy won’t help it.

Low-Level Light Hair Therapy Works By:

  • Preventing build-up of the harmful hormone DHT
  • Promoting delivery of vital nutrients to damaged hair
  • Lengthening the growth cycle of the hair
  • Improving the thickness and health of hair strands
  • Promoting healthy hair growth

There are a few great things about low-level light therapy at Unique Hair Concepts.

We offer an at-home laser hair therapy device, which we’ve chosen for its consistent performance and ease of use. It’s important that you do the treatments consistently and that we continue to monitor your hair and scalp as time passes during treatment.

We can also make powerful combinations with laser hair therapy. If you’re a good candidate for low-level light therapy, then you’ll likely see results from a variety of other treatments that work by some of the same mechanisms, such as trichological treatments or scalp therapy.

Are You Ready to Find Out?

Finding out if low-level light therapy could work for you is simple. Just visit our private studio and receive your hair and scalp analysis. Even if it reveals that low-level light therapy isn’t a good option for you, the results will point you in the direction of a plan that will help you look and feel more like yourself. If you’re ready to get to the bottom of your hair loss, contact Unique Hair Concepts to schedule your complimentary consultation.