What to Expect

At Unique Hair Concepts, we live by a higher standard of customization, quality, and professionalism. From start to finish, your experience with us will be private, honest, respectful, and focused on your complete comfort. As you join us at Unique Hair Concepts, you can anticipate this simple process:

  1. One-on-One Conversation

    Your initial visit with us will include a one-on-one consultation with our owner, Flora. During this relaxed and confidential meeting, Flora will spend a few minutes chatting with you about your experience with hair loss.

  2. Goals & Expectations

    You’ll have a chance to talk about the kind of results you hope to see. This is a crucial step in the process, enabling us to pinpoint your goals and expectations for hair restoration.

  3. Individualized Solutions

    We don’t have a one-size-fits-all mentality, so we’ll always custom-tailor solutions that will allow you to feel truly confident about your hair.

  4. Commitment & Education

    We’ll be with you over the long haul. Whether your hair loss is temporary or long-lasting, we’ll provide the ongoing education you need to navigate it.

Treatment at Unique Hair Concepts

We believe that all of our clients are unique, and that the cookie-cutter approach is insufficient. Because of this, we make certain that each client receives hair restoration suggestions that align with their needs, their expectations, their lifestyle, and their budget. We are proud to offer tailored solutions for men and women, and to empower our clients to decide which of our bespoke hair replacement options is best for them.

The initial consultation lasts less than an hour, and if you decide to move forward with treatment, we can take measurements and begin customizing your hair system right away. Additionally, we are always happy to address any questions and to speak with you further about issues like hair maintenance. While you are here in the studio, we will be happy to show you samples of the treatment options we provide, as well as before-and-after images from previous clients.

Our Commitment

It is our passion to ensure that all of the men and women who choose treatment with us look and feel their best, enjoying all of the confidence that comes from having a full head of healthy hair. We welcome you to learn more about our individualized approach and about our quality hair loss solutions.

We Have a Process. It's All About You.

All people – especially women and children – lose their hair for very different reasons. It happens at different speeds and in different progressions for everyone. When you visit Unique Hair Concepts for the first time, it's not your responsibility to drive the conversation. You don't have to know exactly what you want to try. In fact, since so much depends on a microscopic analysis of your hair and scalp that we hope you'll come in with an open mind rather than potential answers. To get started, take the hair loss quiz, or schedule your consultation at our Ardsley, NY studio today.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

When you schedule a consultation at UHC, you can expect complete privacy, honesty, and individual attention. Our consultations include a free hair and scalp analysis and a one-on-one conversation, so that we can get to know you and your specific needs. You’ll walk away with options and a plan of action unique to you.

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