flora fuentes tours CRLAB facility how a cnc system is made

Flora Fuentes, the owner of Unique Hair Concepts, tours the CRLAB facility and explains how a 3D-printed hair system is made.

The Magic of Scalp Mapping & 3D Printing

The exciting thing about 3D-printed hair systems is that nothing comes pre-determined. Every aspect of your unique, personalized hair system is built around you! Sophisticated digital scalp mapping gives us the ability to replicate the contours of your head and create an ultra-thin “second scalp.” Each molecule of the hypoallergenic base material is plotted by a 3D printer to match this blueprint. The result is a solution that can cover any pattern of thinning, on any part of the scalp, no matter what’s causing your hair loss. No one will ever know you’re wearing a replacement because it’s identical to your natural features!