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Wigs really aren’t so bad.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a wig and struggling with the decision, there are two things we want you to know. The first is that people are far less likely to know that you’re wearing a wig then you think they are. Today’s wigs – the ones professionals work with – are incredibly natural looking and engineered for comfort. The second is that wigs are far more accepted today than they have been in the past. Women still aren’t doing a great job of talking about hair loss, but in general we’re becoming more aware of the realities of thinning hair.

Great leaps have been made.

Fortunately, the hair restoration industry, which was incredibly slow to take notice of the hair-loss needs of women, has been working double time over the past two decades to create the kinds of hair solutions that discerning women are actually interested in wearing. Flora, owner of Unique Hair Concepts, has been in the industry all along and experienced this evolution firsthand.

This isn’t just about choosing a wig.

What this all means for wigs is that we are able to match you with a new hair based on your own priorities and preferences. There is no one-size-fits-all solution and no single go-to line of wigs. At unique hair concepts, our approach is to pinpoint the wig that you will want to wear every day.

While you’re in our studio, you’ll get to see, touch, and try on the wig options that might work best for you. We’ll match your replacement hair to your existing hair or use a picture to get the right match. We’ll decide what kind of style you want, which will determine the length an actual specifications of your custom wig. Most importantly, will teach you how to maintain your wig so that its materials don’t deteriorate and it retains its natural look over time.

We’re here to guide you.

To find the right wig, we take into account its every aspect. Your wig has to perform flawlessly in whatever circumstances your life throws at you. Whether you’re a swimmer, a news anchor, or someone who wears many hats, you need security that your wig will not fall off or be exposed. You need comfort without itchiness or irritation of any kind. You need materials that won’t irritate your skin. And you need a style that you can maintain on your own at home.

Now comes the easy part.

Deciding that you need a wig is hard. Once you’ve done that, the process should be easy. Come for your free consultation at Unique Hair Concepts to discover how incredible your options truly are. If you need a second opinion about some advice you got at another salon or studio, we’d be happy to help you in that regard. And if you’re facing the expected hair loss that accompanies chemotherapy or another medical treatment, you’ll find no place more private, comfortable, and understanding than ours.

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