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We're not like other hair replacement clinics, and we hope that comes through in our name. At Unique Hair Concepts, you’ll find only the finest non-surgical hair restoration solutions — a result of decades in research, development, and innovation.

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When you schedule a consultation at UHC, you can expect complete privacy, honesty, and individual attention. Our consultations include a free hair and scalp analysis and a one-on-one conversation, so that we can get to know you and your specific needs. You’ll walk away with options and a plan of action unique to you.

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From Our Blog

16 Apr

How Diet and Stress Affect Hair Growth

None of us like going through periods of stress. Yet they are part of life, so we must deal with them as best we can whenever they arise. While the title of this article looks like it is attempting to roll two topics into one, they are connected, especially when it comes to potential hair loss. Eating properly is hardly at the top of your to-do list at tough times. You may lose your appetite. So, it’s good to understand how these two elements dovetail together if you are keen on hair loss prevention.

04 Apr

Exosome Treatments for Hair Loss: How Does It Work?

Anyone can lose their hair, whether over part of the head or all of it. Men may experience male pattern baldness, typically shedding hair around their temples as the hairline moves back. Women may experience thinning hair as they age. And anyone can suffer from alopecia. Alopecia areata can lead to a complete loss of hair on the head and face.


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