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Women's Hair Loss Solutions

Women's Hair Loss Solutions

Trichotest with Haircheck: Eliminating All Doubt

For women, the process of hair loss has been hard to measure. Because women’s hair tends to thin throughout the scalp, hair loss can become very advanced before the problem is noticeable. With precision Haircheck testing, we can now accurately measure and monitor hair bulk to detect thinning as soon as it starts. Any woman can benefit from TrichoTest analysis because it pinpoints thinning and breakage – the most common damage for women -- much earlier than other methods. Early detection can make the difference between noticeable hair loss and a successful trichology plan. The TrichoTest software creates an in-depth profile of your hair over time so that you can confidently make treatment decisions. At Unique Hair Concepts, there’s no reason for trial and error. TrichoTest is the new roadmap for your hair and scalp health.


Cesare Ragazzi

Unique Hair Concepts

3D printed hair systems are finally here! Cesare Ragazzi’s CNC system is the world’s only one-of-a-kind hair system that’s precisely mapped to your scalp. We’re delighted to be one of the few hair studios in the US able to solve women’s hair loss using these revolutionary 3D-printed hair prosthetics. With gorgeous virgin hair, precise scalp mapping, state-of-the-art 3D printing, and proven results, Cesare Ragazzi will have you feeling like yourself again – but with the best hair of your life.

Hair Loss Prevention Program

Unique Hair Concepts

It might sound like a conflict, but preventing hair loss is our job. That’s one of the reasons it’s so important that we determine the cause of your hair loss as early as possible. We would much rather help you keep your natural, growing hair and help you replace it. If you’re just beginning to thin or have noticed more hair in your brush than usual, it’s the perfect time to come visit us for a microscopic hair and scalp analysis.


Unique Hair Concepts

Our trichology foundation is one of the most important aspects that make our studio Unique. We start by pin pointing your specific hair and scalp conditions. Then we address the root of the problem by caring for both your hair and your scalp naturally. Our approach combines the latest scientific breakthroughs with world-renowned formulas and tools from Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories to give you the best possible outcome.

Scalp Analysis & Treatments

Unique Hair Concepts

Hair loss, growth, and restoration all start at the scalp. For that reason, we pay close attention to the surface of your head, not just to your hair itself. To give you a solution that really works, we have to figure out what's going on at the root of the problem. Scalp treatments can go a long way toward improving the potential for new growth and preventing more hair loss.

Low Level Light Hair Therapy

Unique Hair Concepts

For women with hereditary hair loss, low-level light therapy can help stimulate healthy hair growth and prevent less hair loss. The process consists of regular treatments in which light energy is delivered to the hair and scalp. It’s a painless procedure with no side effects that improves hair growth and allows your hair to grow in thicker and healthier.

Custom Prostheses

Unique Hair Concepts

People generally think one of two things when they hear about custom hair prostheses for the first time. Either the idea sounds intimidating, or it’s assumed that these hairpieces are just like regular wigs. The truth is that custom prostheses offer customization and fit options that go beyond what’s possible with wigs.

Topical Thickening/Re-Growth Products

Unique Hair Concepts

If you’re ignoring your scalp, you might as well be ignoring your hair. No matter what is happening with your hair – thinning, too much lost, or prefect health -- it’s inextricably tied to your scalp. As part of the first step of your journey with Unique Hair Concepts, we will evaluate your scalp as closely as we do your hair. If your hair is thinning or falling out, attending to your scalp will improve your chances of solving the problem.


Unique Hair Concepts

If you’ve been thinking about getting a wig and struggling with the decision, there are two things we want you to know. The first is that people are far less likely to know that you’re wearing a wig then you think they are. Today’s wigs – the ones professionals work with – are incredibly natural looking and engineered for comfort. The second is that wigs are far more accepted today than they have been in the past. Women still aren’t doing a great job of talking about hair loss, but in general we’re becoming more aware of the realities of thinning hair.


Unique Hair Concepts

Hair extensions are popular for creating dramatic hair effects. Unfortunately, they’re usually explored by women who don’t need them and ignored by women who do. Sure, they’re nice for special events or a night out on the town, but they’re even better when they’re giving a great look to someone who’s been struggling with thinning hair. Extensions are versatile, and that’s one of the reasons that we love to use them at Unique Hair Concepts.

Havogen 5 Patch

Unique Hair Concepts

Trichology isn't just about hair loss. It's about hair and scalp health. The all-natural Havogen 5 Patch uses natural, plant-based compounds to balance moisture, reinforce healthy hair, and prevent hair loss. This groundbreaking preventative option designed by Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories fills the gaps left by the hair and scalp treatments that came before it.

Hair Integration

Unique Hair Concepts

At Unique Hair Concepts, our priority is to do everything we can to help you keep and build upon your existing hair. Often women who have advanced hair loss want to keep and add to their natural hair, and to make sure not to hide or damage it. Hair integration is a great way to create a full, natural-looking head of hair, allow your own hair to grow, and achieve long-term results.


Unique Hair Concepts

A truly natural solution for eyebrow loss is finally here. Our personalized eyebrow prosthetics use soft, beautiful hair and a contact-lens-like technology to restore the full eyebrow. Every aspect can be customized. If you’ve had micro-pigmentation, these eyebrows will enhance your results, adding depth and texture. If tattooing isn’t for you, our eyebrow prosthetics are the perfect alternative!

UHC’s Signature Hair and Scalp Prosthetic for Women

Unique Hair Concepts

For women, the very thought of hair loss can be devastating—but it doesn’t have to be inevitable. There are proven and effective options that can help women regain a full and healthy head of hair and we are proud to offer a full spectrum of those solutions here at Unique Hair Concepts.

CNC XT Extensions

Unique Hair Concepts

At Unique Hair Concepts, we strive to provide the latest up-to-date technologies for our guests with fine, thin hair. We are now proud to offer the newest innovation from Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories- the CNC XT hair enhancement system.

HLCC Scripts

Unique Hair Concepts

If you’ve read much about modern hair restoration techniques, you probably know that the options extend into medical and even surgical territory. Those options are absolutely right for some women, but we at Unique Hair Concepts are champions of the incredible nonsurgical, side-effect-free options that women have to choose from these days.

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