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Recommended Diet to Fight Hair Loss

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Can your diet impact your hair? It most certainly can! In fact, a diet that is poor in nutritional quality is one of the biggest reasons you could be facing hair loss or thinning hair. Every person's needs are unique. In some cases, such as when you may have a genetic condition that causes hair loss, diet can help to slow the progression in many cases. In all situations, if you better control what goes into your body, you will get better results in terms of overall health and well being. What's more, it does not have to be difficult to achieve these goals as well.

The Foods You Need to Eat

If you are hoping for a specific diet that will fight hair loss for good, you may have trouble finding it. That's because you need a better look at what is impacting you. Your needs will be different from everyone else's needs. That's critical to get right. These are the most common foods individuals need to prevent hair loss. Add these foods to your diet to see improvements.

#1: Healthy Nuts

The addition of nuts to your diet can be very good for your hair. The addition of walnuts to your diet, for example, gives you a high level nutrient intake. It can help your hair follicles to function properly. The oils help to contribute to the elastin in your hair. As a direct result of this, you will see your hair grow more readily. If your diet doesn't have enough oils, it becomes frail and more likely to fall out.

#2: Green Leafy Vegetables

Another must have for your diet is the inclusion of more green leafy vegetables. The amount of iron present in these foods can give your hair what it needs to grow and flourish. It also helps to make your hair stronger. Spinach for example, has a high level of iron in it. It also has folate, Vitamin C, and beta carotene. These all contribute to helping you to have healthy hair follicles.

#3: Carrots and Other Orange Foods

Carrots are an outstanding source of nutrients for your hair and you may not have known it. Carrots have a high level of beta carotene in them. This can give your body the nutrients it needs to maintain healthy growth. It also has a high level of Vitamin A in it. The level of Vitamin A in orange foods helps your scalp to produce healthy oils, thus encouraging healthy growth and preventing some loss.

#4: Yogurt

Avoid the high sugar varieties of yogurt. For all others, though, enjoy it. Greek yogurt is an excellent choice specifically. Not only can you enjoy it each day to get healthy probiotic bacteria into your body, but you can also create a hair mask with it. This can help you with improving hair health overall. Those that are low in fat are also excellent because of their rich sources of B5 and Vitamin D. Both of these nutrients contribute to follicle health.

#5: Eggs

You may think that eggs are bad for you because they have a high amount of fat in them. They are not. In fact, eggs are an excellent source of nutrition. They are, specifically, excellent for hair because of their high quality protein. This helps to make your hair stronger and more vibrant. A second benefit is that eggs have a high level of Vitamin D in it. Again, this is an excellent component for boosting follicle health.

What Shouldn't You Eat?

It is important to remove some of the worst components from your diet to avoid the damage they can do to your hair. For example, getting rid of processed foods can help. It is also important to remove sources of transfats from your diet. These are the types of foods that can stunt hair growth themselves but they also allow for less room for healthy hair to grow.

Your diet can directly impact the health of your hair. If you have not done so yet, now is the perfect time for you to make adjustments so you can enjoy healthier hair that looks fantastic. You may even prevent the hair loss or hair shedding you may be experiencing. For more information or a free, private consultation, the team at Unique Hair Concepts is ready to help. Call (914) 412-7700 to schedule an appointment.

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