Anyone can lose their hair, whether over part of the head or all of it. Men may experience male pattern baldness, typically shedding hair around their temples as the hairline moves back. Women may experience thinning hair as they age. And anyone can suffer from alopecia. Alopecia areata can lead to a complete loss of hair on the head and face.

There are several ways you can tackle hair loss, depending on how much you’re experiencing and where on your head you’re experiencing it. There are some hair loss treatments that can be prescribed, for example.

One treatment you may not yet have heard of is known as exosome treatments. You might also see this referred to as exosome hair loss therapy or similar. We’re going to delve deeper into this to find out what it is and whether it works.

What Is Exosome Hair Loss Treatment?

To understand what happens with this hair loss treatment, we must first understand the basics of exosomes. Put simply, they are extracellular containers, known as vesicles. All cells have these containers, and they’re used to carry all manner of things as required, including proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids.

While exosomes come from all cells within the body, the ones we are interested in here are derived from stem cells. The vesicles (or containers) carry messages. These messages could relate to all kinds of things, including hair growth. You can see where the idea of exosome treatments for hair loss is coming into play, can’t you?

Exosome hair loss therapy uses these extracellular containers to encourage your own stem cells to stimulate the hair follicles into growing new hairs. Better yet, this is targeted therapy. It’s not a case of taking a drug – instead, the exosomes are injected directly into the scalp. For instance, if you have a receding hairline, you’d receive injections into your temples, focusing on the areas with much less hair present.

Does Exosome Hair Loss Treatment Work?

Ah, the big question… and one that certainly deserves an answer. It’s early days yet, but a review of the treatment published by the National Library of Medicine looked at 16 studies revolving around the treatment. Applications using adipose-derived stem cells led to promising results, according to the research. More than three dozen individuals with androgenetic alopecia were found to experience thicker and denser hair following the treatment.

The review did point out that there was limited research to go on at this stage. However, the early results do suggest that more research is needed to understand how it works and whether exosome treatment would be suitable for all those experiencing some form of hair loss.

How Long Does Exosome Hair Therapy Last?

It appears that exosome cells can stick around in the body for around eight months, according to the articles we read while researching this article. This means anyone receiving the treatment could expect to enjoy improved hair growth for six to eight months, and potentially longer. One provider recommended an initial treatment, with a follow-up to determine whether a second treatment is required later. You can see this is very different to taking a daily dose of finasteride, for example.

So, could exosome hair therapy be the preferred treatment for those suffering from hair loss? It’s clearly early days regarding the therapy, although those early signs are promising. Perhaps the most encouraging aspect is the targeted nature of the therapy. It means that patches of baldness can be treated without needing to take daily medication. This would work for a receding hairline, for bald patches, or for thinning hair. Obviously, the time it takes to receive the treatment would vary, depending on how much of the scalp requires it.

We are certainly interested in keeping an eye on how research proceeds with exosomes and their role in providing hair loss solutions for those seeking them. Anecdotal results seem promising, so this could be the new and preferred way to combat hair loss in both men and women in the future. With results potentially seen in a few months, and lasting a while too, will this be the gold standard hair loss treatment for the future?

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