There are a lot of color products and dry shampoos on the market. They aim to make it easier to manage your hair needs even while you are busy and trying to get everything done. Keep in mind that many products are okay to use, especially if you do not use them every day or all of the time. Also, note that no two products are the same. That is why you may have a reaction to some products and not others. Some products are not made with ingredients you want to use on your scalp. And, for those who already have scalp issues with hair thinning, these products may worsen the condition. So, are they safe or not?

Root Touchups

Root color spray and touchup products have long been a go-to solution for many people. When your hairstylist uses a root touchup product, they are using authentic products much like the hair color you had prior. These products are typically professionally based products not available to the general public or those without a license. They can be very safe and effective when a professional uses them. They also do not create any higher a risk for complications for hair loss or hair growth than traditional hair coloring.

There are other root touchup products that you can buy at stores. These are sometimes called root color sprays. They do not have the same type of permanent hair color that your stylist has and tend to offer a range of chemicals in them. If you are buying a high quality product and using it as directed by the manufacturer, it is unlikely to cause significant damage to your scalp. It is also unlikely that you will have to worry about hair loss from these products.

Keep in mind that if they damage your scalp in any way, that can affect hair growth. These products may contain chemicals that damage the scalp itself, which can cause damage to the hair follicles there. The end result is that this may limit the follicle’s ability to produce hair. That could lead to thinning and, in some cases, hair loss. Inferior products can be risky.

Whenever possible, turn to your local hairstylist for help with root touchups instead.

Dry Shampoos

Dry shampoos are a product many people use when they do not have time to deal with traditional hair washing. They can be used to help keep your hair clean and smelling good, but they do not require the use of water, which makes them an on-the-go solution.

They work as a spray or a paste that, when applied and massaged into your hair, absorb all of the extra oil from your scalp and the roots themselves. They smell good and help you have a fresh look.

Many of these products contain alcohol in them, though some will also have corn starch or a rice product in them. They may also have chemicals in them.

In most situations, dry shampoos like this will not cause hair loss. They can work well for who seldom use them. However, they can be overused, and when that happens, they put you more at risk for damage to your skin and even the risk of hair loss.

The product may damage the skin by causing inflammation, which leads to hair shedding. That means your hair may fall out prematurely outside of the routine that is necessary for the normal growth cycle. Also, these products often cause a buildup of material on your scalp. That buildup can clog the pores, without removing it properly and often, it can lead to the development of irritation as well as bacterial or fungal infections. Sometimes it also leads to breakage of the hair, which means you are likely to notice less hair.

What should you do then? If you are using dry shampoo products, buy the highest quality product possible. Try to look for those that are designed with organic or natural materials. Then, be sure to use them infrequently, washing your hair properly and well after each use. That way, you can ensure that you are removing as much of the buildup as possible.

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