Many of us use dry shampoo, what we don’t know is that using it as a substitute to your shampoo on a daily basis can definitely damage you hair and scalp. A lot dry shampoo brands swear that it absorb the excess oil from the hair, lifting the root in a way extending a blowout for as long as possible. So it makes sense that we spritz the stuff on a regular basis sometimes even for weeks on end. Dry shampoo can be a short term fix, but using them regularly as “shampoo” really won’t support keeping your hair full, thick and healthy in the long term.

Not Healthy

Dry shampoo does not clean your scalp, the product actually builds up throwing the balance of your hairs natural oils that keep it healthy. By using the product consistently without washing your scalp can cause the hair to stop producing natural oils that your scalp requires to stay healthy. Regular cleansing is important for the health of the scalp.

Colored Hair

Dry shampoo dulls your hair and your hair color. Since dry shampoo is meant to soak up the excess oil, the powdery formula creates a matte texture that makes your hair appears less shiny and healthy. We wash our faces daily, sometimes even twice a day. Why aren't we giving the same respect to our scalps?


Dry shampoo is bad for your hair’s natural shedding process. Some dry shampoos hold the hair against your scalp, making the hair sticky after a long day, it could tangle the hair causing you to unintentionally pull some healthy hair out when you brush. It also keeps that shed hair against your head instead of allowing it to fall out naturally. So when you get in the shower, you may see excessive hair shedding.

Relying too heavily on dry shampoo can definitely have a negative effect on your hair and scalp in the long run. To avoid scalp issues and dryness, schedule a free consultation at Unique Hair Concepts for a full analysis on your hair and scalp. During your consultation at Unique Hair Concepts special tools are used to measure the hydration and oil production of your scalp. We believe that healthy hair growth begins at the scalp. Sadly, the scalp is often ignored and not cared for properly. Schedule your free analysis to learn more.