Can Ergothioneine Found in Mushrooms be a Super Food for Thinning Hair?

Can Ergothioneine Found in Mushrooms be a Super Food for Thinning Hair?

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Many women and men struggle with thinning hair. While it may seem like nothing more than an annoyance for a while, over time, it can become life-changing. Individuals may no longer have the confidence they need to wear their hair as they would like to. While it is always wise to learn what the underlying cause of the hair loss is, there are some newer studies showing promise. For example, the use of Ergothioneine could help you.

What Is Ergothioneine?

That term is probably one you do not know much about, but it has some significant implication for thinning hair. Ergothioneine is found in mushrooms. It is a healthy ingredient and an all natural one. Some products are now being developed using it and promising to provide you with thick, natural hair in no time. This ultra powerful antioxidant has been shown to provide numerous benefits for people who are experiencing thinning hair. It is a naturally occurring antioxidant found in many apoptogenic fungus.

What does it do? Ergothioneine can be an outstanding benefit to hair for several reasons. First, as an antioxidant, it works naturally within the body to flush away all of the toxins in the cells. This is what all antioxidants can do for you. Eating a variety of them is essential to ensuring your body fights off toxins that cause cancer, inflammation, and other complications.

But, Ergothioneine is different than this. It’s an antioxidant, but it also works to provide the cells with the nutrients they need. In the area of hair loss, it works to target those areas where cell’s have depleted nutrients levels – the cause of the underlying hair loss. It is in the way it works here that can make a big difference for your overall cell health.

The Stress Factor

More specifically, Ergothioneine works to target stress. From a hair standpoint, stress is not a good thing. The more stress that you have, the more stress hormones in your body. And, this means your brain and organs are putting more energy and focus on dealing with that stress than they are in working properly. This results in side effects such as loss of hair. It goes without saying that anyone dealing with stress is at a higher risk of developing hair loss.

Ergothioneine works to target that stress hormone. In doing so, it is able to mitigate or relieve the stress for good. It does not matter what type of stress it is – environmental stress or the stress brought on by hormonal changes in the body. This particular super food works to get rid of the oxidation and inflammation that stress causes on the cells.

Stress creates damage to the cells at this level. As a result of this, the cells cannot work the way they should. When cells are underperforming, especially in the area of the scalp, they stop producing hair, or hair begins to fall out rapidly.

Research has found that the use of Ergothioneine may help to reduce that damage and help to stimulate the cell’s natural ability to grow healthy hair again. There are numerous products on the market that claim to work to improve hair loss, but Ergothioneine products are using science and nature to make it possible.

What Can You Expect?

If you are struggling with hair loss, your first step should be to improve your diet, reduce your stress levels, and talk to your doctor about hormone changes. Correcting any of these areas – if they are the cause of your hair loss – can provide the best foundation for healing and reversing hair loss.

However, many are finding that Ergothioneine can work to restore some of that hair loss as well. It may work to correct the damage of the underlying stress. Many men and women can expect to see some level of improvement over the normal hair growth cycle, which is generally three months. For those who are unsure about Ergothioneine, it is wise to speak to a doctor or a hair loss professional about the use of these products.

To learn if stress may be an underlying cause for your hair loss or thinning hair, contact the team at Unique Hair Concepts.

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