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Summer Hair Care for Curly Hair

Summer Hair Care for Curly Hair

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The summer heat and humidity can turn curly hair into one of the most unmanageable messes if you do not know how to properly take care of it. If you have beautiful curls, you want to look your best no matter what you are doing – from going to work to having a fun weekend on the beach. Yet, summer is not always easy on hair. You also have to figure in time in the water (whether it is the salt of the sea or the chlorine in your backyard pool). How can you maintain your curly hair this summer? Consider these tips.

Use the correct moisturizing Shampoo

One of the things shampooing does is remove oil, sweat environmental build up from the scalp and hair. While that can seem like a good thing most of the time, removing all of the moisture from your scalp and hair may strip and weaken your curly hair. Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner specifically for curly hair that will provide hydration. Need help? Ask your hair stylist for assistance.

Handle the Damage

If you have damaged hair, the sun can make these situations even worse. That is why it is so important to work with your hairstylist to improve the condition and quality of your hair as soon as possible. In some cases, this means a trim to remove hair that is extensively damaged. You can also have a detoxifying treatment that can pull away all of the buildup on your scalp to give you a healthy look instead. Don’t just deal with the damage by putting your hair up in a ponytail – that will not help long term.

Use Leave-In Conditioners

There are a range of high quality leave-in products on the market that are excellent for those who have curly hair. They can work to keep your hair hydrated and protected throughout the summer months. You do not want to choose the heaviest of products – instead, look for a light style conditioner that works well for curly hair. You will find this can also add more volume and dimension to your hair as well.

Leave in products are important for many reasons. For those with curly hair in the summer, though, they specifically keep moisture levels high, reducing the risk of your hair drying out and becoming more damaged.

Try Shea Butter for Damage

Organic oils – like shea butter and coconut oils – can work well to help soothe damaged hair during the summer months. They work much like any other type of conditioner to moisturize your hair. Try using these during your routine shower. Leave them in for a few minutes and then rinse them out. This can help your hair to hold onto some of those natural oils and start rebuilding each of the hair strands with more density.

Be Gentle When Brushing It Out

Realize your curly hair is having a rough time during the summer months. When it comes to the heat and humidity, it is only going to get worse if you strain your hair during this time. There are a few key rules to remember here.

  • First, skip the brush when your hair is dry. You do not want to intensify the tangles and the frizz by trying to brush out your hair when it is dry. Brushes contain too much pressure, and it will make things worse.
  • Use a comb instead. A wide-toothed comb is ideal for this. It can help to remove tangles and damage from your curls, while also keeping them nice and bouncy soft for you. It also hurts a lot less!
  • Skip the heavy treatments. This is not the time to use a curling iron or a flattening iron. That will further damage your hair and cause it to fight back with more frizz.

If you need to make a change with your hair, do not delay in calling in a professional. This is the ideal time of the year to try a new look and to get your curls back under control, so you always look your very best.

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