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New Year – New You: How to Start 2018 with a Healthy Head of Hair

New Year – New You: How to Start 2018 with a Healthy Head of Hair

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It's time to refresh your look and encourage health. The New Year brings with it plenty of focus on losing weight, getting fit, and even eating more organic, nutrient-rich food. All of that is great – and much of it is good for your hair health, too. But, what if you want to focus on healthy hair? It is one of the most important components to your look. If you want to start 2018 with healthy hair, there are several key areas where you need to put your focus. Doing so will transform your looks within a matter of a few weeks.

Get Your Hair Cut

Leading into the year, schedule an appointment with your favorite hair stylist. This is important. While any time you transform your hair regimen you will be improving the look and feel of your hair, it is always a good idea to focus first on getting rid of the old. A healthy hair cut can help to transform the look right away. It also helps to get rid of split ends and hair that's damaged. This gives you more focus on the good that is coming. It's important to address the cause of any concerns, too, such as severe breakage or damage. That way, you don't have to keep struggling in the New Year. At Unique Hair Concepts, we offer services to treat damaged hair.

Cleanse It – Deeply

Now that you have cut it as short as you want and you have a basic style that fits your needs, you can begin work on restoring the health of your hair. Detoxing your hair starts with a deep cleanse, a service that a hair professional can offer. The goal is to remove all of the build up that is so common on scalp and hair. It is often this build up that causes damage – like the breakage we mentioned. It also makes your hair very dry, leading to further damage. Detoxing your hair also helps to restore a normal and natural pH level to your hair. Again, this is a type of reset so the good can last.

Let's Go Back to Nutrients

While working on these changes, now is also a very good time to focus on a few diet improvements. You will find this is an excellent way to help your hair get healthy and stronger faster. Focus on iron, Vitamin K, and other nutrient heavy foods. You just need to increase the amount and variety of vegetables you eat. If you smoke, stop. If you are one that eats a heavy fat diet without a lot of nutrients, reverse that. Now, your hair follicles and cells have the nutrients they need to build strong hair.

Build Healthy Hair Habits

It takes a bit of time to start to see results from these steps, but to make sure it happens, consider a few all-important steps to better hair habits:

  • Start with better cleansing – use all natural products that do not leave behind toxins.
  • Cut back on the blow drying and excessive curling or flat ironing. The less heat you use on your hair the better off it will be.
  • Don't over brush. You do not want or need to pull a heavy brush through your hair – this will cause breakage and damage.
  • If you swim, wash your hair. Take steps to protect your hair from sun damage as well as from the chlorine in the pool.
  • Always use products recommended by a hair professional. That is, don't use over conditioning, treatments, and color that you buy off store shelves. Instead, let a professional handle it for you.

Most importantly, now is the time to create a new you through consistent and regular appointments. Make a commitment to have your hair treated by a professional on a regular basis. It is more than just having the latest look and style. It is also about transforming the health of your hair at the very root. You may find this is one of the best ways for you to transform your look for the long term. At Unique Hair Concepts, we believe that growing a healthy head of hair begins at the scalp.  Visit us for a free, private consultation to learn more about healthy hair growth, scalp therapy and hair loss prevention.

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