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Hair loss prevention for women with Havogen 5 patch

Havogen 5 Patch


Unique Hair Concepts

Holistic Hair & Scalp Health

Trichology -- caring for both the hair and scalp – is key to our approach at Unique Hair Concepts. The Havogen 5 Patch was made possible by Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories' holistic approach to Trichology. Viewing the hair and scalp as one interdependent system, they developed a way to naturally deliver ideal conditions for sustained hair growth. The patch is unlike any other solution ever introduced because it's designed around the root causes of hair loss, not just its symptoms.

Healthy Scalp. Healthy Hair.

Havogen 5 helps us get to the root of your hair loss issue at the scalp level. People often think scalp treatments are just a way to prep for hair loss treatments, but they're so much more. For women with scalp conditions, there's often an issue of scalp and hair management. You have to balance a dehydrated, oily, or psoriatic scalp first before you can have a successful hair loss treatment. We treat the underlying scalp issue to know we're addressing the hair loss issue for good.

Wholesome & Holistic

Havogen 5 is a clear transdermal patch worn behind the ear for 12 hours at a time. It delivers B vitamins and essential nutrients to fortify the hair and scalp. It's the only "hair loss" treatment that works proactively in both men and women to fight hair loss before it starts. The patch balances moisture in the hair and scalp, and combines plant stem cells, serenoa repens (saw palmetto), and avocado extract to promote healthy hair growth. Havogen 5 fights excess bacteria that can clog pores and block new growth. It's an incredible harmless and natural tool for promoting trichological health.

Comprehensive Prevention

The Havogen 5 Patch promotes hair and scalp health through...


Hair and scalp health are achieved by maintaining balance. By naturally delivering all the compounds needed for hair growth and retention, Havogen 5 promotes healthy hair and resolves moisture imbalances.


When used at the first signs of androgenetic alopecia, the Havogen 5 patch prevents hair loss for women by strengthening existing hair and blocking the production of DHT.


Plant stem cells and silk proteins reinforce the hair shaft and nourish the hair follicle to improve hair retention.


Since its natural, non-medical formula has no side effects, Havogen 5 can be combined with many other hair-loss prevention methods to magnify results.

The Havogen 5 Patch can only be accessed through a personalized trichology program. To find out if you're a candidate, visit Unique Hair Concepts for a free consultation.

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