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Women's Hair Integration and Natural hair replacement

Hair Integration


Unique Hair Concepts

Integration gets guaranteed results.

Hair integration lets us match totally natural replacement hair exactly to your own hair. It was designed for women who are no longer candidates for hair extensions because they’ve lost too much hair on the top of the head. It works by essentially building bridges of new hair in between the strands of your own hair. This is done by adding one hair at a time to fine silk threading that’s been matched to the color of your scalp. Your own hair is pulled through openings in the integration, which is then applied with a strong, secure medical-grade adhesive. Integration is super custom, but it does require more time in the studio and some other options. If you choose integration, you’ll need to return every five weeks or so for maintenance.

There’s an option for everyone.

All women experience hair loss at different rates, and few are ready to jump to a full-coverage solution like a wig as their first hair restoration solution. If you have mild to moderate hair loss, hair integration can give you fullness and body without damaging your existing hair. If your hair loss is starting to show through at your part, or if you’re uncomfortable with how you look, call Unique Hair Concepts. We’ll show you all of the options that can really work for you and help you find the ones that really match what you want for your hair.

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