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Eyebrow replacement for hair loss
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Finally, natural eyebrows!

For years, Flora and the UHC team have helped women resolve all aspects of hair loss, and that most definitely includes eyebrows. Recently, Flora found a natural-looking eyebrow that she absolutely loved. Members of our team specialized in using makeup and other methods to fill in eyebrows. Flora has eagerly tested eyebrow products as they hit the market, looking for the one that would change everything. Those eyebrows are finally here!

A Better Option

It’s not unusual for women with hair loss due to chemotherapy, trichotillomania, or certain types of alopecia to shed their eyebrows. Though many women are happy with tattooing or micro-pigmentation, others are intimidated by such a permanent option, especially when they’ve lost the entire brow. Our new eyebrow prosthetics are perfect for women who want real, natural hair with depth and density. They’re totally personalized, available in multiple arch shapes, an array of colors, and they enhance the look of micro-pigementation. They’re even easy to shape and tweak at home.

The Most Advanced Technology

Our new natural eyebrows are very similar to advanced hair restoration systems. Individually chosen strands of hair are colored based on your hair color and skin tone. Each strand is then injected into a micro-thin polyurethane base. The technology is similar to a contact lens – it’s clear, so it works with any skin tone. It doesn’t contain any synthetic hair or lace that can make eyebrows look fake. In fact, the spacing between individual hair strands is also carefully considered so that the eyebrows take on a gradual density. Everything about these eyebrows is designed and engineered to look completely natural!

Long Lasting & Easy to Use

Once your new eyebrows have been customized at Unique Hair Concepts, they’re incredibly easy to wear. We’ll show you everything you need to replicate a flawlessly natural look at home. Each pair lasts about 4 months, and they can stay bonded for up to 4 days between applications. Your personal experience will depend on your skin type and activity level. Application and removal couldn’t be easier, and you can apply makeup to them just like your natural eyebrows.

An Eyebrow Problem?

If you’ve been struggling to fill in shedding eyebrows, we have the ultimate solution. As you consider tattooing and other options, keep in mind that you can now have the depth and texture of real hair, along with full coverage. If you’re ready to add natural hair, give us a call today!

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