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Natural hair extensions for hair loss in New York



Unique Hair Concepts

Our Approach to Extensions

We often see clients who come to us after receiving extensions elsewhere. It’s not uncommon for unskilled stylists to have attached extensions that are too heavy, or that attach in a way that’s damaging to the hair. Our approach to adding extensions is both careful and educational. From all the extension product lines on the market (which are incredible these days), Flora has chosen just two based on their performance, ability, comfort, and lightness – Ultratress and Simplicity.

Carefully Considered Coverage

To be a candidate for hair extensions as a hair loss remedy, you must have existing hair. If your hair loss is advanced or complete, we will recommend a different hair restoration option that will get you better results. You might be surprised, however, at how much volume we can create regardless of where thinning is taking place. At Unique Hair Concepts, you won’t just be in the hands of someone who cares -- you will receive your extensions from a specialist who has trained other stylists across the country. Flora will make sure that you know everything you need to make your hair look great at home from day to day.

Taking Good Care

Did you ever consider extensions as an alternative to coloring your hair? Chemical processing strips our hair of vital nutrients and can do lasting damage. If your hair is thinning or falling out, processing is the last thing you should be doing to your hair. At Unique Hair Concepts, we’re known for creative solutions. If you want highlights, we can add them using lighter extensions. If we use harsh treatments on anything, it’s the extension, not your healthy growing hair.

Your extensions will keep your secret.

When applied well and maintained with care, extensions can be a great way to hide your hair loss and achieve a great look. Thanks to our gentle, natural-looking attachment options and incredibly diverse color, texture, curl, and style options, no one will ever suspect you’ve had any problems with your great looking hair.

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