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Women's Custom Prostheses and hair pieces for women

Custom Prostheses


Unique Hair Concepts

For Medical Hair Loss

Custom hair prostheses are often prescribed by a medical professional when complete hair loss is expected due to chemotherapy or another medical condition or treatment. They are hypoallergenic and constructed in such a way as to avoid any and all possible irritation. Beyond reducing the psychological impact of medical treatments, prostheses offer beneficial protection for some patients.

Created Just for You

The cranial prosthesis is one of the most highly customized and high-quality hair restoration options available today. Consistent advancements in technology, materials, and techniques have made them incredibly comfortable and natural looking. The prosthesis is constructed in several steps. A natural hairline is designed, and the mold of the scope is taken so that the hairpiece fits like a glove. This makes prostheses even more secure than most wigs.

Hair Prostheses at Unique Hair Concepts

Hair prostheses take longer to create than other solutions, usually between eight and twelve weeks. They are made by hand from lightweight material that allows the scalp to breathe. At Unique Hair Concepts, we can match your new hair to your natural hair in person before your medical treatment, or we can base our design on just a picture. If you do receive a custom prosthesis, you should keep in mind that monthly follow-up appointments are extremely important.

The benefit of a custom prosthesis

A custom prosthesis can be an expensive hair restoration option, but in medical situations insurance can often ease the burden. The investment is well worth it for clients who want undetectable new hair that works well with their active lifestyle and offers complete security. While prostheses can be made to be removable, they are designed to be worn all day every day.

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