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Start noticing your scalp.

The degree to which the scalp gets neglected is kind of amazing. Hair starts in the scalp, and it’s rooted there for its entire life cycle. For that reason, scalp conditions play a big role in how your hair looks and feels. If you have any concerns about your hair, it’s worth it to pay some attention to the health of your scalp.

We’ll monitor the conditions.

On your first visit to Unique Hair Concepts, you will receive a hair and scalp analysis that informs everything we do for you. On every visit after, we will check on some of the same factors from that analysis to see how your hair and scalp are improving. Your scalp provides a reliable indicator of how things are going with your hair in general. Any time that we find a problem, we will bring it to your attention and suggest some options that will improve skin and growth conditions.

We won’t forget your scalp.

Scalp health and conditioning are essential to your hair restoration plan, especially if you want to retain your natural hair and encourage new growth. We will consider your scalp no matter what restoration solution you choose because it will always impact the way your hair looks. If you opt for hair additions, your scalp determines how your new hair is attached and how securely it stays in place. If you’re fighting DHT, ideal scalp conditions will allow your hair follicles greater nutrition and improved blood flow for a better chance of success. And if you want to encourage new growth, those conditions are vital to getting maximum results.

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Your scalp can affect your hair in a lot of ways. If you have residue buildup from traditional cleansing and styling products, it could be blocking hair follicles and getting in the way of new hair growth. If you have a hidden skin condition, it might be making your hair look dull and less healthy than it could. At Unique Hair Concepts, we won’t let you ignore your scalp to spite your hair. Our success depends on it.

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