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Non-Surgical hair replacement for men with Polygraft / XTS



Unique Hair Concepts

Membrane systems are practically undetectable because the membrane itself is either transparent or matched to the color of your scalp, and the new hair is carefully matched to your own. It falls and moves just like your growing hair. The whole system fits perfectly to the contours of your scalp, and the density and placement of the individual grafts is completely customizable.

The Process

  • Your new hair is chosen and matched to your natural color, texture, and style.
  • A thin membrane is customized to fit your head perfectly, then bonded seamlessly to your scalp.
  • Grafts of hair are threaded through the membrane in the natural pattern of hair growth.
  • Everything is held securely in place by a thin coating on the bottom of the hairpiece.

Results are instant and guaranteed.

One benefit of membrane-implant systems is that they ensure definite and immediate results. If you’re concerned about adding hair in a way that looks more like natural regrowth, the number of grafts you receive can be gradually increased over a sequence of visits. As with all hair restoration solutions, follow-up appointments are necessary to keep your hair looking great. These systems, however, can be worn all of the time and styled any way that you like while requiring very little maintenance.

Only a professional can connect you with the artful results achieved by modern membrane hair systems. To start exploring your options, schedule your hair and scalp analysis at Unique Hair Concepts today.

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