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I-thin by Cesare Ragazzi

I-thin by Cesare Ragazzi


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Are you ready for a solution that’s on the razor’s edge of 3D printing technology? Flora is thrilled to be among the first hair loss specialists anywhere to share Cesare Ragazzi’s latest breakthrough with her clients. Unique Hair Concepts is pleased to introduce iThin, the next generation of 3D-printed custom hair prosthesis, which capitalizes on Cesare Ragazzi’s CNC technology to solve the problem of balding for men experiencing early-stage hair loss.

A TWEAK TO END men’s early-STAGE hair loss

For some time now, we’ve been your exclusive local resource for Cesare Ragazzi’s one-of-a-kind CNC hair prosthetics. iThin gives us the opportunity to extend a new option to young men just beginning to see thinning and loss. With iThin, Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories has honed in on a single important component of the individualized hair prosthetic to improve performance for a few distinct stages of hair loss. By incorporating new technologies, iThin enables us to create an even thinner, lighter base for qualified clients. In addition to delivering the most breathable membrane on the market, these advancements give us more flexibility when designing a natural hairline.

I-thin by Cesare Ragazzi


The CNC system remains the most precise, personalized, and in-demand approach to ending hair loss problems, but technology doesn’t rest! In its never-ending quest to continue improving hair loss options for men, Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories set out to add to CNC the thinnest, most comfortable prosthetic base ever created. With the new iThin membrane, that vision has been achieved! It’s still hypoallergenic, completely comfortable, and utterly secure. Better yet, it’s built from scratch precisely for you.


The process of creating an iThin prosthesis is identical to the traditional CNC procedure. The only difference is in the specifications for the hypoallergenic base. Every aspect of your unique, personalized hairpiece is built around you, starting with the parameters, which are the scalp mapping measurements taken by Flora and the team at Unique Hair Concepts. We measure more aspects of your hair and scalp than you can imagine – density, inclination, growth pattern, wave, thickness, moisture content, and pH levels. The list goes on. All these characteristics are used to perfectly match the new hand-selected, untreated, virgin hair to your natural hair. Then your scalp measurements and unique hair profile are transmitted to Cesare Ragazzi’s central production facility in Italy, where the 39-stage production process begins utilizing CAD-CAM technology.


At Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories in Italy, each molecule of the iThin base material is plotted by a 3D printer according to your scalp-map blueprint. The hypoallergenic base material is highly breathable and responds to changes in your body temperature. It’s non-toxic, antibacterial, antifungal, and releases no substances, even when exposed to excess heat. Strands of premium, human hair in its natural state are individually hand-stitched into your personalized iThin base. The result is a one-of-a-kind prosthesis that will eliminate the need to worry about your hair – or losing it – ever again. Most of importantly, you may have any modern hairstyle you choose.


If you’re serious about solving your hair loss problem once and for all, Unique Hair Concepts has a personalized, non-surgical solution for you. For versatile hair that leaves you free to swim, be active, share intimacy, iThin and CNC will both deliver complete confidence. iThin adds an exciting refinement option for men in the early stages of hair loss who display particular characteristics. To find out whether you’re a candidate, you’ll need to complete a free, no-obligation hair and scalp analysis with Flora and her team. Contact us today!

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