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Why a DHT blocker?

DHT is the natural enemy of men everywhere who would prefer to keep their hair. DHT is the hormone that bonds to hair follicles, miniaturizes them, and eventually kills them. This is what causes hair to fall out permanently. By blocking DHT from bonding to the hair follicles, HLCC Scripts and other DHT blockers can help prevent the progression of hair loss.

More Than Just a DHT Blocker

At Unique Hair Concepts, we like to attack hair loss on more than one front. Aside from its natural DHT-blocking ingredients, another benefit of HLCC Scripts is that it promotes new hair growth and improves hair retention. By delivering vital nutrients and herbal compounds to the hair follicles, the formula strengthens your hair to make it look even better than before.

Don’t go it alone.

Before you try any treatment for hair loss, be sure to get a thorough hair and scalp analysis. It’s the only way to pinpoint the real cause of your hair loss, rule out underlying medical conditions, and determine which solutions will create results for you. Schedule your analysis now at our totally discreet private studio.

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