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Men's Hair Custom Prostheses Solution

Custom Prostheses


Unique Hair Concepts

Complete Customization

A custom prosthesis might sound intimidating, but it’s actually one of the most personalized and realistic looking hair restoration options in the world. Even more customized than a wig or hair integration, your prosthesis is molded to the exact dimensions of your scalp for a snug and secure fit. Highlights and low lights can be added with no limitations. Hair can be any length and any style. As a result of all this customization, custom prostheses do take longer to construct than other hair restoration options.

Plan your visit.

If you have an upcoming medical procedure and would like a custom prosthesis, we encourage you to contact us ahead of time. This will allow us to match your new hair very closely to your natural growing hair and to plan completion of your hairpiece at a time when it will deliver you the most benefit. If you’ve already had a procedure and lost your hair, simply bring in a picture. We’ll match the characteristics of your hair and create whatever style is most comfortable to you now.

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