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Cesare Ragazzi Hair Loss Solutions for Men

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Want to solve your hair loss once and for all? Thanks to Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories, now you can. Flora is excited to be your exclusive local resource for one-of-a-kind custom 3D-printed hair prosthetics that solve every form of men’s hair loss. Finally available after years of research and development, the CNC system is the most technologically advanced answer to modern hair loss. It’s hypoallergenic, completely comfortable, and absolutely secure. Better yet, it’s built from scratch precisely for you. This permanent solution will make you forget you ever had a hair loss problem. The CNC system is a nonsurgical hair loss solution from Italian company Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories.

A Life-Changing Use for 3D Printing

Cesare Ragazzi 3d hair loss solution3D printing has gotten a lot of hype, but most of us have yet to see it create much benefit. Since unique individual characteristics make men’s hair loss so hard to solve, 3D printing provides an amazing solution. Hair loss happens on an individual level, and every man has a different scalp and pattern of loss. The most perfect way to solve the problem is to create a one-of-a-kind custom hair prosthetic for every individual. Until 3D printing, that would have been impossible to do on a large scale. Fortunately, 3D printing technology has advanced to the point where it can solve hair loss. That makes this your lucky day!

The Precision of 3D Digital Scalp Mapping

The most exciting thing about a 3D-printed hair prosthetic is that nothing comes pre-determined. Every aspect of your unique, personalized hairpiece is built around you! Sophisticated digital scalp mapping gives us the ability to replicate the contours of your head and create an ultra-thin “second scalp.” The result is a solution that can cover any pattern of thinning, on any part of the scalp, no matter what’s causing your hair loss.

Cesare Ragazzi at Unique Hair Concepts

Flora will masterfully design your custom CNC system, and the team at Unique Hair Concepts can bring to life the style you’ve been dreaming about. It all starts with a thorough hair and scalp analysis to make sure that you are an ideal candidate. Flora will assess the composition and health of your hair and scalp. She takes into account your age; the cause of your hair loss; the shape of your face; the quality, texture and shading of your hair; and even Ph levels of your scalp. Using 3D digital modeling, a perfect replica mold of your scalp is created.

Custom Made by Hand in Italy

sailing with Cesare Ragazzi hairAt Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories in Italy, each molecule of the hypoallergenic base material is plotted by 3D printer according to your scalp-map blueprint. The resulting micro-thin, perfectly color-matched replica of your scalp forms the base of your prosthetic. The patented material, developed just for this purpose, is breathable, non-toxic, dermatologist-tested, and approved hypoallergenic. The CNC has an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal base, which lets heat pass through, making it completely breathable. Your new hair is matched to your natural hair with close attention to color, texture, wave, pattern, and style; then strands of premium, human hair in its natural stare are individually hand-stitched into your personalized prosthetic base. The 39-stage production process considers every aspect of your new hair to ensure perfect fit, comfort, security, and versatility.

Complete and Utter Confidence

You can finally have exactly the hair you want – a full, healthy, youthful head of hair that’s comfortable and undetectable. Your 3D-printed hair system will be so natural and secure that you can do anything in it. Even if you play high-impact sports, swim and towel-dry your hair, or have a career in the spotlight, your Cesare Ragazzi hair prosthetic will let you forget your hair loss and get on with your life. To find out if 3D printed hair systems can solve your hair loss, call Flora at Unique Hair Concepts to schedule your free consultation.

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