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The Best Testimonials

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? That may be true, but we think the images in our Lookbook are priceless. Thanks to our amazing clients, we can now take you beyond success stories and testimonials to show you real-life examples of the total transformations that take place at UHC.

Why a Lookbook?

Our clients deserve better than “Before and After.” All the increased hair shaft density and strand volume in the world won’t mean much if you don’t feel fantastic and look like yourself. When men and women come to us for hair solutions, we know that what they really care about is personality, versatility, and style. And who better to showcase how we’ve achieved those things than our clients themselves?! The confidence, excitement, and attitude in our Lookbook are undeniable. So, see for yourself!

Have you had a hair transformation?

Now that we have a Lookbook, we’re going to keep building it! If you’re part of the Unique Hair Concepts family and want to be featured, just let us know. Photo-shoot day is a full-on professional affair complete with everything you could want to let your style and uniqueness shine. In addition to a renowned professional photographer, there’s one-on-one wardrobe styling, hair, and makeup. You can devote the day to getting pampered and showing off your signature look!

Inspired? Curious?

If you’ve noticed thinning hair, you don’t just have to live with it. Sit down with our team for a free, zero-pressure consultation to find out what’s going on with your hair and what you can do about it. As our Lookbook shows, the sky’s the limit!

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