There are many things that can improve hair and skin. That includes a good diet, excellent hair washing skills, and proper styling and care. What about mushrooms, though? In some cases, this could be one of the best ways to add a bit more health and even reverse some of the damage and hair loss you already have. Though every person reacts differently to each of these potential opportunities, it is worth taking a closer look at this fairly holistic treatment option to find out if it can work to meet your needs.

A Diet in Mushrooms Could Help Your Hair

There is some evidence that a diet that is rich in mushrooms could provide some key benefits to hair health. That is because mushrooms have a high amount of iron in them. As a result, this helps to increase the function of hair follicles and can help to stimulate new hair growth. The amount of iron in mushrooms may be enough to meet the daily iron intake requirement, depending on the type of mushroom consumed and the amount used. Increasing iron intake can also help to reduce the risk of anemia development, a condition that can cause hair loss in some people.

How can mushrooms help your hair? There are a few ways.

  • Eliminate or reduce hair loss – if you have thinning hair or have lost a significant amount, increasing iron intake through mushrooms may help to correct this problem, creating beautiful hair that comes in thicker. It may help to reduce your current hair loss.
  • Grow new hair – Mushroom intake can also help to spur new hair growth. If you have lost a significant amount of hair, increasing your diet like this can help to stimulate the hair follicles and cells in the area to grow new hair. This is really dependent on the underlying cause of your hair loss, too.
  • Maintain hair health – Having hair doesn’t always mean it is healthy. However, there is evidence that increasing mushroom intake can also help to stimulate healthier, thicker hair. One of the additional reasons for this is because mushrooms have a high amount of selenium in them. This nutrient is critical for the growth of healthy hair structure. Your hair may feel thicker and more luxurious over time.
  • Reducing greying of the hair – Another key benefit that may come from increasing your mushroom intake is a reduction or slowing of the hair greying. Mushrooms help in this way because they have a high amount of copper content in them. This can directly impact the melanin production present in a person’s blood. Melanin is an important nutrient for keeping the proper pigment of the hair. That means fewer trips to having your hair colored for some people.
  • Improve the shine of hair – Mushrooms can also help to create a natural shine to your hair. This is also due to the presence of selenium in the mushrooms. If you have dull hair, using mushrooms as well as improving the overall cleansing process of your hair may boost the shine you have.

Improving Your Skin

There’s also lots of evidence to support mushrooms helping to promote healthy skin. There are many ways this can occur, depending on what is impacting your skin health.

For example, mushrooms contain hyaluronic acid in them. This helps to support the proper hydration of cells throughout the body. It can help to make your skin look naturally supple and soft. Also, the kojic acid found in mushrooms can help your skin to be bright and beaming. It does this by helping with the exfoliation process, from the inside out. That helps to ensure your complexion is as beautiful as possible.

Mushrooms may also contribute to improving clarity, especially for those who have acne. The Vitamin D present in them works very effectively at helping to minimize breakouts. That’s why you can add a mushroom based topical to your skin to see benefits to it. It may also offer some anti-aging benefits, especially due to the presence of Vitamin C, choline, and selenium in the mushrooms.

Increase the amount of mushrooms you consume. You can also find a variety of topical products using natural mushrooms in them. That can further increase your skin and hair health.

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