Did you know that some of the foods you consume on a daily basis are considered inflammatory? Inflammation occurs at a cellular level. It causes damage to the structural integrity of the cells, creating damage and leading to improper function of those cells. This can happen to any area of the body. Chronic inflammation can lead to organ failure or breakdowns, as well as cancers. What you may also need to know is that an anti-inflammatory diet can not only prevent this but also help to reverse damage that is already there. That includes for the scalp and your hair.

What Are Inflammatory Foods?

In order to stop the inflammation process, you have to stop consuming the foods that cause inflammation in the first place. A basis for that is sugar. Foods that are high in added sugar and refined carbs are the most likely to cause inflammation in the body. These foods lead to a higher amount of glucose in the blood stream, stressing the cells. The most common inflammatory foods, then include:

  • Sugar-rich foods, including those that contain high fructose corn syrup in them
  • Refined carbohydrates
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Vegetable-based oils
  • Artificial trans fats in foods
  • Processed meats

Removing these types of food from your diet can help to minimize the onset of additional inflammation. That step in itself can help to turn things around from the view of reducing damage to your scalp and hair.

What Foods Are Anti-Inflammatory?

The secondary step is to consume more foods that are anti-inflammatory. These are foods that are specifically able to not only stop the worsening to your scalp and hair but also work to restore some of the damage that was already done.

What is most important to know about these foods is that they also continue the nutrients your body needs to keep hair follicles and the skin overall healthy. By providing this rich source of nutrients to the body, you can see significant improvement in the look and feel of your hair and scalp. You may even find yourself enjoying beautiful hair without having to do all of the work to make that possible.

So, what foods should be a part of your anti-inflammatory diet? When it comes to foods related to hair and scalp, there are a few specific items to consider.


With its rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, salmon is one of the best overall foods for an anti-inflammatory diet. It is these rich oils that can help to reduce a lot of the inflammation occurring at the scalp. They can also help in the overall maintenance of cell health. This is what can help you to have a beautiful, shiny head of hair.


Consuming more beans, especially lentils and kidney beans, can provide some added benefits. They have ample protein in them, which is good for your overall cell health. At the same time, they are also rich in biotin, zinc, and iron, all of which are important for stimulating healthy hair growth. It is rather easy to include these in a few meals a week to reap the rewards they offer.

Healthy Nuts

Skip the nuts that are sugar or salt-coated. Instead, choose healthy nuts for their natural oils. Some of the best are brazil nuts and walnuts. These contain a large amount of selenium in them as well as alpha-linolenic acid, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids. Those are all the good nutrients your hair needs to grow and flourish. You can also get a lot of nutrients from almonds, cashews, and pecans as they contain high levels of zinc in them. Zinc is fantastic for boosting your immune system’s function and overall health.

Other foods that can help with an anti-inflammatory diet include chicken, greens (kale, kelp, and seaweed are some of the best), and sweet potatoes. You may find that including a diet that is rich in a range of colors – bright oranges, deep greens, and reds can help to give your body the nutrients it needs to do well. By removing the bad foods and incorporating more of these healthy foods into your diet, you are sure to have better scalp and hair health.

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