Hair shedding can be one of the worst feelings. It is very common for people to lose at least some hair during the winter months. However, there are situations where a person may lose a significantly higher amount. For those who suffer from hair shedding, a condition in which a large amount of hair seems to fall out, the good news is there may be a few simple things you can do to stop this from occurring.

First, be sure to talk to your doctor. If you are losing a lot of hair – especially if you are losing a lot of hair in clumps – that may be a sign of a health problem. Your doctor can do some blood work and gather other information to make sure that there is no risk to your health overall. Once that is done, you may consider these options for managing hair shedding.

Strategies to Reducing Hair Shedding

One of the first things to do to calm hair shedding is to understand why it happens. Most of the time, it is due to the air in the home being very dry. The furnace that you run to keep your home warm during the winter months also dries out the air in the home. Unlike during most other times of the year, most people do not have the windows open. They are not spending as much time outdoors. This is what leads to a lack of moisture in the hair.

Since your hair picks up on that moisture and it cannot do so, the hair dries out. This can lead to hair shedding. Keeping this in mind, consider a few simple steps that can help with the hair shedding.

#1: Use Massage Oils

Purchase massage oils for the scalp. These oils help to trap moisture in the skin. That helps to ensure it is not drying out as easily. You can purchase a range of products for your hair. What is most important is to keep it as natural as possible. This can help you avoid stressing your hair out during the process. Most of the time, oil massages like this are very soothing and can reduce some of the inflammation you have at your scalp as well.

#2: Use a Humidifier

While you want your home to be comfortable to sleep in, you also need to ensure that the air has enough moisture in it to allow for the comfort you need. One of the best ways to get moisture back into the air is with a humidifier. This is an inexpensive countertop appliance you can purchase. If you do not want to run it all of the time, choose to run it at night in your bedroom. This can help to rehydrate your hair while you sleep. It can also help to improve breathing at night.

#3: Use a Shampoo That Will Not Dry Out the Skin

Using the right shampoo can also play a role in this process. Using a gentle cleansing shampoo that is all natural helps. It will help to lock in the moisture. At the same time, a shampoo that is moisturizing will also help your scalp. Since hair shedding is typically caused by damage to the scalp, this can be an important investment. The good news is it is easy to find these products.

#4: Use a Hair Mask

To get some super hydration happening, consider using a hair mask. You can purchase these rather inexpensively. Once you use them, you will start to see better moisture levels in your hair and on your scalp. Look for a product that’s hydrating for the best overall results.

#5: Boost Vitamin Intake

This is a good time of the year to increase the vitamins you are consuming. This can help to fight inflammation. It also helps to minimize the onset of stress to your scalp.

Doing these things can help to improve your hair quality and minimize the amount of hair you are shedding. As we leave winter behind and prepare for spring, you will have a healthier head of hair.

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