For many, hair loss may be one of the most worrisome conditions. It just seems overwhelming and hard to manage. It also may seem like there is nothing you can do to reverse hair loss you have or slow the progression of more. There is some insight, though, that indicates that changing your diet may help. More so, there are some researchers who believe that the use of probiotics may help to prevent hair loss and, in some cases, may stimulate healthy hair growth. What should you know about probiotics and hair loss?

What Are Probiotics?

Your body, specifically your gut, is comprised of a delicate balance of good and bad bacteria. In some people, especially those who eat a diet that is not nutritiously rich may experience an overgrowth and abundance of bad bacteria in the body. When this happens, the good bacteria cannot keep up with fighting down the bad, and this may lead to conditions like leaky gut and inflammation. In some cases, it may also impact the function of the hair follicles and the skin’s cells overall, which may lead to health problems.

Probiotics are just what they sound like. They work to help support the growth of good bacteria in the gut. There are many types of probiotics out there, and all of them may prove vital. Probiotics help to get bad bacteria back under control so that you feel better, and also so that your body is using energy and nutrients wisely. There is some evidence that the use of probiotics may give the body what it needs to flourish and work well, including as it works to develop healthy, thick hair and even correct the damage caused by hair loss.

What Can Probiotics Do?

There is a lot of controversy on how well probiotics can work for hair loss prevention and treatment. However, they can do a lot to improve the overall health of the body, which in turn can lead to the improvement of cell function, including the hair’s health. There are a few ways it can help you.

It Fights Inflammation

One of the ways probiotics help is by fighting inflammation throughout the body. Sometimes it is inflammation on the skin or in the hair follicles that leads to the loss of hair early or a change in the hair growth cycle. This may help to reduce that inflammation and encourage healthy hair growth.

Improves Immune System Function

For those who may have a condition that is caused by an autoimmune disease, including some forms of alopecia, the use of probiotics may help. That is because it can work by supporting the natural function of the immune system. When your immune system is working properly there is less risk of interruption of the hair growth cycle.

It Stimulates Growth

There is some evidence that suggests that the use of probiotics may help to stimulate the growth phase of the hair growth cycle. Now, that does not mean it will cause your hair to grow rapidly, but it may help to encourage growth in those who may have a limited amount of routine growth. It may also help to move the hair into the growth phase from the resting phase.

It Aids in Reducing Stress

Many times, stress is the underlying cause of damage to the body through its creation of inflammation. If you have a high level of stress in your life, chances are good that may be one of the reasons why you have hair loss, especially at an early age. The use of probiotics may help to reduce this stress level – or at least reduce the impact that the stress is having on your hair health. For some people, this may mean reducing hair loss.

The use of probiotics along with a healthy diet may help you to see a significant improvement in the amount of hair you are losing. Some people may even see healthy hair continue to grow at a faster rate. The key is to use a high quality probiotic and to use it wisely on a consistent basis. It is that level of consistency that is going to create the results you need.

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