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Top Tips for Voluminous Hair That Will Never Go Out of Style

Top Tips for Voluminous Hair That Will Never Go Out of Style

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It is possible to get more volume to your hair – and to love every minute of it. Some people struggle with hair that is flat and dull. That can be frustrating, especially if you have done everything possible to improve the situation. Having lots of volume has always been something many people seek. Yet, when you are just about give up, consider a few more tips. These strategies work for many people seeking to add more depth and styling power to their hair.

Get the Chemicals Out of Your Hair

There is a fine line in using too little and using too much product in your hair. Some products are great for adding volume and giving you that lift you need. However, if you are struggling with having no volume, it may be because you are using too many products, and they are weighing down your hair. The best way to fix this is by removing all of that build up material in your hair to make room for more volume.

Clean hair is not just about shampooing, though. It is very common for some hair care products to just lack the ability to pull out all of the excess oils or buildup in your hair. That creates the flat look you are hoping to getting rid of it. Look for a shampoo designed to volumize.

Work with Your Stylist on Layers

Many people know the battle of layers. Too many – not enough – can lead to problems with volumizing. For those who have fine hair, it is not always beneficial to cut it in layers. Having all of the hair at one length can help to make it look the thickest. For those who want to add more layers, it is an option to do so. Doing so can help to add more dimension into your hair. It also gives your hair more movement, which is a good way to create volume as well.

Because layers really come down to factors like the amount of hair you have and the overall texture and style of it, it is best to work closely with your hairstylist to ensure you get layers just right.

Use the Right Products in Your Hair

There are a lot of products on the market that promise to give you the volume you desire. You should use them! However, it is also important for you to choose the right products to use. For example, consider embracing mousse again. Many people have stopped using this product, and that is a key reason why you may be struggling with volume. Today’s products are much improved (it’s not that dried, frozen look that you remember seeing in your mom’s teen pictures).

Use volumizing products specifically designed for your needs. When using them, do so with the help of the blow dryer. When you use volumizing products during your shampooing, and then you use a conditioner on your hair, you need to get the products to activate. The hair dryer helps to do that.

Style It the Right Way

There are a few other tips that can help to give you even more volume. For example, when drying your hair with the hair dryer, flip your head and hair upside down. When you dry your hair from the opposite direction, it helps to hold your hair upwards. That can give you a nice little fit without the use of anything more than your hair dryer.

You also want to avoid using the round brush on your hair until right at the end of your styling process. This allows you to create more volume overall and limits the amount of frustration you will have with curls and bounce.

Take a few minutes to consider what you’re doing to get more volume. If you are still unsure what to do, turn to your hairstylist for ideas.

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