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COVID-19 and Hair Loss

COVID-19 and Hair Loss

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COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our lives including hair care and hair loss. Many are talking about just how much they miss visiting their favorite salon or how they have not had any one on one interactions and support from their stylist in far too long. It is true, good hair comes from routine visits to a professional. Yet, there are other factors to consider when it comes to COVID-19 and changes in your hair. If you are struggling with hair loss now, you are not alone. And, you are not alone in dealing with these complications.

The Impact of COVID-19 Stress

One of the things most people have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a heightened level of stress. Many have lost a loved one due to the virus. Others have suffered the stress the body goes through battleing the virus. The uncertainity of losing a job. Being unable to continue with your routine to having to be alone and away from family and friends for a long time, it is hard to live right now. Stress is one of the most complicated factors when it comes to hair loss. And, what makes this even more difficult is that there is no end in sight. These conditions are likely to continue long term, which means you are worried about what stress is doing to you.

Stress is brought on by the hormone cortisol. Your body releases this hormone when it feels risk is present. It is designed to cause the body to focus on what is happening in that moment, preparing your body to react. It is not meant to remain in the system long term. During COVID-19, though, that’s what is happening to many of us. A direct result of this is an increase in the effects of stress hormones.

What Does Stress Do to Hair?

When stress hormones are present in the body, your body’s natural reaction is to focus more energy and effort into handling that stressful situation. That means it pulls more of the energy going to other tasks – including hair growth – as a way to manage the stress the body is going through.

For some people, this can worsen very quickly. You may see a lot of hair falling out and thinning occurring. That is because the hair growth cycle has slowed significantly.

What Else Is Happening with COVID-19?

There are plenty of other changes happening to your life right now that can play a role in this outcome. For example, your diet has likely changed. That means you may not be getting the right type or level of nutrition your body needs to function at its best. If you used to eat a salad full of nutrients good for hair growth at work, and you are not any longer, that can alter the nutrients getting to your hair.

You can also see an increase in conditions such as alopecia areata and other auto-immune disorders due to changes in hormones. For many, this creates a heightened reaction in the body, leading to hair loss.

What Can You Do About COVID-19 and Hair Loss?

During this time, you are going to feel a significant amount of stress. However, your goal should be to work to fight against this.

  • Eat a diet that’s filled with nutrients, including a rainbow of colors of vegetables.
  • Increase your intake of nutrients through supplements.
  • Get exercise – it is good for your overall mental health, and it can help to boost your overall wellbeing.
  • Work to find a way to de-stress. This could including finding new hobbies. It may include just going for a walk each day.
  • If stress is no longer something you can manage on your own, do not put off seeking help from your doctor. Managing the underlying cause is priority.

Be sure to recognize what is happening to you when it comes to COVID-19. You cannot fix this virus on your own, but you can work to keep yourself in good health and mentally fit. Doing so can help ensure you are doing your best to overcome stress and hair loss.

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