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What Is the Correct Way to Wash Your Hair?

What Is the Correct Way to Wash Your Hair?

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Since you were old enough to do it for yourself, you have been washing your own hair. Day in and day out, you probably follow the same process to ensure you are removing dirt, debris, and even sweat and oil buildup. But, are you really washing your hair the right way? For most people, there are several steps necessary to help ensure that your hair is getting clean. Yet, there are also additional things to consider that could help to improve your hair quality. At the same time, you do not want to do anything that could damage your hair.

What is the right way, then, to wash your hair? Here are a few things to do to improve your odds of having healthy, clean hair.

#1: Detangle

Before getting your hair wet, brush it out. It is important to remove all of the tangles from your hair before you get it wet, which makes it twice as hard to wash. Start at the ends if there is any type of fraying or damage. Brush the ends and then work your way back up the hair, so you are brushing the roots last. Don’t use a comb on your wet hair, either. That is stressing for the hair itself.

#2: Consider Moisturizing- for those with long or curly hair

One of the options for improving the moisture content of your air is to add an oil to the ends of your hair lightly after you detangle it. Make sure it is clean, organic oil, such as pure almond oil or, in some cases, use a moisturizing hair oil with a fragrance you like. Leave it in for about 15 minutes to get the best results. If you take this step, you do not have to condition your hair.

#3: Wash Your Hair

Choose a shampoo product that is as natural and chemical free as possible. It is best to clean your hair using a shampoo that is tied back to the condition of your hair – such as one for damaged hair, dry hair, or even oily hair. The best products tend to be sulfate-free shampoos.

When lathering up your hair to wash it, only apply a very small amount of shampoo per section on your head – you only need about a teaspoonful to get the results you want. Rub it into the roots and allow the water to work to spread it around. Increase the rate of circulation of your hands while using your fingertips to massage the scalp as well as you can. Many rub the shampoo on the top of the head, but do remember to shampoo the temples, the crown and the back of your head.

#4: Rinse Well

You also need to consider the way you rinse your hair. Some people do not spend enough time rinsing their hair, which can leave product in it. This is a common problem because, for many, there is already too much product built up in the hair.

After washing your hair and rinsing well, you can add conditioner and apply it on the ends of your hair. If you have dry, damaged or over processed hair, you may want to apply a moisturizing conditioning mask to the ends for hydration. Then rinse well

#5: Dry Your Hair Well

Use a towel to dry your hair, but don’t rub the hair. Instead, blot dry allow the towel to soak up some of the moisture there. You want to allow the towel to pull up as much of the moisture as possible from your hair during this process.

As you consider how to properly wash your hair, remember this. Your hair needs may be a bit different. If your hair has been treated with color or other chemical applications, it is going to require a more unique product line up. You also want to work closely with your hairstylist to choose a shampoo that is right for you. This process does not take much longer, but it is more thorough and helps to keep your hair looking its best. If you are unsure where to get started, contact the team at Unique Hair Concepts for a complimentary hair and scalp analysis.

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