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Ladies-Why the Classic Bob is Trending

Ladies-Why the Classic Bob is Trending

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Are you ready to update your haircut? Perhaps you are looking for something a bit more trendy than you have had recently. There are some outstanding styles out there today, but many would be surprised to learn that a very classic look – the bob – is back on the list of must-have looks. Yes, it is the same look you grew up loving, and, for many people, this is a very easy to do look that can help you to look fantastic, youthful, and trendy. Is this the look that is right for your needs?

Celebrities Are Making It Happen

It is very common for hairstyles to change over time, of course. Yet, there is no faster way for this to happen than with the help of celebrities. This is what we are seeing with the bob hairstyle. Many celebrities are changing up their look to incorporate this style, and their fans are loving it. You may find women like Bella Hadid, Jennifer Lopez, and Ashley Benson have all sported the look in one way or another in recent months. Each one is a bit different in terms of what they like, but that shoulder-length hair cut is one that many are loving.

If you are not sure if this look is right for you, take to social media to check out who has it right now. You will find that these looks are everywhere on Instagram and Twitter. Even better, this is a look you can pull off. To help you to make it your own, consider a few helpful tips that can get you there.

Cut Just Right

Though the classic bob is a very simple hairstyle that extends just to above the shoulders and tends to be very flat, there are plenty of ways to dress it up. Cut your hair at the length that fits your face, going around the chin for a more classic look. You may also want to have it cut properly to frame the face, without any bangs in the way. This hairstyle is all about keeping it as simple as possible.

Adding a Bit of Color Matters, Too

Another way to make this look a bit more unique for your needs is to incorporate a bit of color into it. You can incorporate highlights, lowlights or balayage. Some people just want fresh new color. Add cooling and calming colors. You can also aim for a darker tone of blonde or a lighter shade of brown. Then, incorporate a few of your favorite colors as highlights. From that deep red hue to a bit of blue if you so dare. Color is a fantastic part of the classic bob this year.

A Bit of Curl

Classically, the bob is very specifically a straight look. However, you can add a few waves to it. Just add a few long curls to surround your face. You may be able to add a bit of a wave throughout the hairstyle if you like as well.

Shape Your Face Well

If you like the thought of a bob, but you are not sure if it is the right look for you, schedule a visit with your stylist. This is a good time to check out a few different colors and looks. You can also choose the right type of bob for the shape of your face. Since this look typically frames the facial features, it can be an impressive way to create a unique look that is all your own.

If you remember having a bob years ago, think differently now. Today’s look is refreshed with a bit more versatility that can help to make it very much your own. Work with your hair stylist to find a look that you love and then wear it proudly, knowing you are quite in style this year with your classic bob.

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