What you eat can definitely affect the health of your scalp and hair. What do most of us do when dealing with oily hair? We try to ignore it by piling it with dry shampoo, put it on a pony tail (to deal with it later) or just wash it. If you have a tendency to have oily scalp and hair, the foods we consume can add to the problem. By avoiding these foods it can improve the hair length as well as get rid of unwanted grease. Making a few adjustments to your eating habits can benefit your overall health and hair. Eating excesses amount of junk food can have a big impact on your hair’s oil production, if you’re looking for natural ways to make you hair less oily, let’s start by cutting down on these four foods.

Fried Foods

Fried foods often has a lot of excess oil that can seep from the body into the hair shaft as well as the skin. These food promote excess oil because you are over stimulating the sebaceous or oil glands. That means its best to avoid any fast food that's deep fried or loaded with extra oil.


As much as we love and enjoy the taste, dairy products are notorious for causing oily scalp and hair. Such as whole milk, cream, and butter digest as oil and fats in the body, which produces an excess amount of sebum. This will weight down your hair with excess oil, making the hair look flat.

Fatty Meats

Consuming a lot of fat will be too much for the body to digest. The same can be said about that fatty meats are not good for your heart because they surround it with unhealthy fats, think of it doing the same to your hair. But with unwanted oil.


Sugar can make your hair oily because it has absolutely no nutritional value that helps with balancing your hormones and your body oils. Sugar causes inflammation in the body which can also affect your hair follicles.

Avoiding these foods as much as possible can keep your hair just with the right amount of shine and nourishment. For more in-depth information, schedule a free hair and scalp analysis at Unique Hair Concepts.