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Hair Shedding – When You Should Worry

Hair Shedding – When You Should Worry

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Hair shedding is a term used to describe the process of hair falling out. If you brush through your hair, you may notice a larger amount than normal of hair coming out. This can be instantly worrying for many. Keep in mind that it is common for people to shed between 50 and 100 strands of hair every single day. If your hair loss is more than this, it may be time to consider why. There are many instances in which you do not have to worry – and it may even be normal for you to experience this right now.

When Is It Normal?

If you have a significant amount of hair loss, called hair shedding, first take a step back and consider why this is. Most of the time, it is due to a change in your lifestyle, health, or day to day life. Recognizing this, you may gain some peace of mind knowing that your hair loss is normal. More so, most of the time, fixing these changes can mean your hair gets back to normal soon. So, what is normal?

Weight Changes – Have you lost a significant amount of weight recently? Losing 20 pounds or more can create a drastic change in your body’s physical makeup. And, that means your body’s hormones need some time to catch up. This should level off.

Child Birth – Have you given birth over the last three or so months? If so, this is perhaps the most common reason for hair shedding. It occurs as a result of the significant change in your body’s hormone levels. When it happens, it can mean that your body just needs time to readjust after birth. Within three months, you should see things improving significantly for you.

Significant Illness – Many times, illness can be the underlying factor in your hair loss. For example, if you have gone through surgery or you have suffered a long term illness, this can be stressing the body significantly. As a result, your hair is not likely to grow as it normally does and this can result in a feeling of thinning hair.

Stress – Believe it or not, stress is a big factor in hair shedding for many women (and for some men, too). It occurs when you are under extreme or non-normal levels of stress. As a result of that stress, the body slows the hair growth cycle to compensate for the attention in regards to the stress. This can cause hair to be lost and to grow back slower than normal.

Birth Control Pills – Getting on birth control pills generally does not cause hair shedding of any significance. However, if you stop taking them, you could see a significant shift in your body’s health. This may include changes to your hormone levels, which in turn can cause hair shedding to happen.

High Fevers – If you have had a high fever recently, over the last month or so, this can cause a problem for your hair growth. High fevers push the body to work the immune system to resolve the underlying health problem. In the course of that process, there is less energy to devote to hair growth.

When You Should Turn to a Pro

As noted, nearly all causes of hair shedding happen when there is an explanation. However, this does not always happen. Some people may experience a significant loss of hair for what seems like for no apparent reason. Of course, there is a likely reason – you just do not know what it is just yet. If you have lost hair like this and you are unsure why it is happening, it is best to turn to your family doctor as a first step.

He or she will work to do blood work and to gain insight into what may be happening. A full examination may help, too. You may have an immune system disorder, or you may be using a specific new drug or supplement that is causing it. You may also be seeing the loss as a result of some type of chemical used on your hair.

The key here is to get help. If you have hair shedding you cannot explain, it is time to call your doctor.

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