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Why Are Some Men’s Beards a Different Color Than Their Hair?

Why Are Some Men’s Beards a Different Color Than Their Hair?

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Hair is quite an interesting subject and one that offers a lot of insight into just how incredible our bodies are. Take a look at the hair on your body. Each area is a bit different. You may notice the color and texture differences throughout. When it comes to men’s hair, specifically the hair on a man’s beard, you may notice that this color does not always match other areas. It all comes down to science. Many people wonder about this difference in color. Here is what you should know about it.

What to Know about Your Body’s Hair

Hair changes throughout your lifetime. Over the course of your lifetime, your hair color may change more than once – and not only just going to gray. It can also become lighter or darker. The texture can change as well as whether or not it is wavy or straight. The type of hair that you grow on your body will change at various phases of life. You do not necessarily have much control over this, though. Still, there are some key things to keep in mind regarding it.

Why Hair Is So Different

To determine what is happening, you have to look deep inside your hair’s follicles. These are the open shafts that allow hair to grow in. In these follicles are two types of pigment. Yes, your follicles have more than one. The first time is eumelanin. It gives color to brown and black shades. The second is pheomelanin. This colors red and blonde hair shades.

Every person has a bit of pheomelanin in the hair follicles. In some people, such as those who have very dark brown hair color or those who have black hair color, the pheomelanin is hard to see. It is somewhat masked by the darker coloring of the eumelanin. It is not uncommon, though, to see people with brown hair that have a bit of lighter tones throughout it. This is the eumelanin that is making its way through.

Why Are Hair Colors Different in One Are Than the Other?

Back to the topic at hand, how can your hair be different in one area of the body to another? For example, many men have beards that are a completely different color than the rest of their hair. That is because the hair follicles on your body have different colors and textures in them. Some hair follicles on your body produce a darker color than others.

If you take a look at all of the hair on your body, you may notice that the hair at your eyebrow is the darkest color on your skin. These are the follicles that have the most amount of pigment in them. Therefore, they have the most color. The same is true for your beard. The color here is not necessarily the same as the color you find on your head.

That Beard Hair Is Different

The beard hair is a different type of hair altogether. This type of hair is called androgenic hair. It generally is the type of hair that comes through around puberty. It is the same coarse texture of the hair you may find in your private areas. The thickness and overall feeling of it depends on hormones called androgens, which change at the time of puberty.

This type of hair also grows at a different pace than other hair on your body. You may notice that the hair in this area seems to grow a lot faster than the hair that grows on your legs or arms. That is normal as well. All hair goes through that same three-month process, but the lapses in time between stages are the difference here.

So, why do men’s beards come in a different color than the hair on their heads or arms? It is all about science. The type of hair and the color of it in the follicles on your face are a bit different than what you may find anywhere else on your body. What you should notice is that your hair color is very much you. Though you have the ability to change it, you may love it just the way it is, too. Embrace the differences in what makes your beard hair unique.

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