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How to Use Rosemary Oil for Thinning Hair

How to Use Rosemary Oil for Thinning Hair

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Everyone wants to enjoy thicker, fuller hair. But, for many people, it is essential. Thinning hair is an ongoing battle for many men and women. It can occur for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, genetics play a role – if you have a family history of thinning hair, it is more likely to happen to you. Other times, it is due to inflammation of the scalp or poor nutrition intake. No matter what causes it, there are ways to treat it in some people. Rosemary oil for thinning hair may be one of the options you have not heard of before. Should you choose it?

Rosemary Oil – What You Need to Know

Rosemary oil is a type of essential oil. You can find it available in a variety of forms. Each one should provide you with a high quality, organic product. Rosemary itself works for a variety of reasons. In many situations, it can give you a way to enhance the growth of your hair. Researchers have found that rosemary oil has the ability to thicken hair significantly. Of course, there is still much to learn about the process and scientists continue to work to learn why and when it can work. But there are a few things to keep in mind.

Why Does Rosemary Oil Work?

Rosemary is a natural, organic component. Research suggests that this type of compound, in its purest form, may help to speed up the metabolism process within the cells. At a cellular level, this means it will work to increase the function of that cell. In this case, it can speed up the function of the cell to stimulate hair growth. When applied properly, many people have seen it work to encourage hair growth in areas at a faster rate as well as at a fuller rate, creating an impressive look.

It is sometimes used in combination with other types of essential oils. Some research suggests that it may work well with cedarwood essential oil. This type of oil works to stimulate the growth of hair by increasing the amount of blood circulating to the hair follicles and the scalp. This helps because it speeds up the delivery of oxygen-rich blood to the hair follicles. Another type of essential oil that is often used alongside rosemary is clary sage. It can help to create a balance in on the scalp. By balancing the oils here, it can work to encourage the function of the follicles and speed up the growth of hair.

How Can You Use Rosemary Oil?

It is important to choose a high quality and organic form of rosemary oil. Not all products are the same. However, the essential oil is a simple way to add nutrients and support to the follicles. Giving it the best quality matters.
You can apply essential oils like this directly to the scalp. Doing so can offer some help, but it may be too intense for some people. A better option, then, is to create an application that combines a few helpful oils and essential oils to create the best results. For example, mix equal parts of jojoba oil and grapeseed oil. Add in drops of the essential oil desired. For every ounce of jojoba oil and grapeseed oil used, aim for about 30 drops of the essential oils desired.

For example, add 30 drops of rosemary oil to one and a half ounces of jojoba oil and one and a half ounces of grapeseed oil.

Then, apply a generous amount to the scalp. It is important to mass it into the scalp as this helps to encourage the nutrients to get into the hair follicles. Then, try to leave this in for at least 20 minutes before washing it out fully.

The use of essential oils like rosemary can be very helpful in improving the overall health of the skin. However, it is still very important to ensure that the underlying problem associated with hair loss and hair thinning is also addressed. For example, improving nutrition, working to reduce inflammation, and improving the overall health of the scalp is still very important. Work with your hair stylist to ensure the best treatment for your scalp is always the focus.

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