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5 Triggers of Female Hair Loss

5 Triggers of Female Hair Loss

Unique Hair Concepts

Why are you losing hair? For many women, this is a frustrating and even overwhelming experience. Hair loss may not seem important. Yet, when you start to notice hair in large amounts in the drain in the shower, it worries you. When your hair becomes hard to manage or noticeably thinner, you may feel a bit more self-conscious about it. Over time, this can worsen significantly. It goes without saying that you want it to stop. The best way for that to be possible is if you invest in understanding why it is happening in the first place.

Take a closer look at five common reasons women experience hair loss. Then, determine which may apply in your case. From this, you may be able to point in the right direction of getting help or even reversing the hair loss you have.

#1: Hormonal Imbalances

Many of the most common causes of hair loss in women center around hormone changes. When the hormones change – either too much or too little occurs – this changes the way the body works. In most people, even slight changes can create shifts in the way the body operates. Hormones can cause hair loss to occur for various reasons. Most commonly, it occurs because the body pulls away hair production to focus on other tasks in the body, such as inflammation. Hormone imbalances can be a good thing, though. Most of the time, they can be improved upon, allowing hair to regrow once your hormone levels are more in balance.

#2: Poor Diet

If your diet is not what it should be, it will show in your hair. It is very common for individuals who have a poor diet to struggle with hair loss. Imagine the cells in your follicles needing nutrition. When they do not get the nutrition necessary, this commonly leads to the cells being unable to work properly. When this happens, your body cannot produce the hair you normally have. A key culprit of this is iron deficiency. Iron is critical for the development of healthy and beautiful hair, yet many women do not get enough of it in their diet.

#3: Stress

There is no bigger trigger to significant hair loss in a sudden manner than stress. Stress is a form of hormone imbalance. When the body is faced with a stressful situation, it must react. To do so, it must determine where to send nutrients and oxygen. It tends to send this to the cells that need to react fastest. Hair tends to fall out because of a lack of nutrients as a result. It is very common for stressful situations – such as changes in lifestyle or diet or traumatic events – to lead to some level of hair loss. This tends to be very sudden and unexpected.

#4: Medication

Some medications can cause hair loss to occur. It is very common in women (as well as men) who are undergoing chemotherapy. Some forms of chemotherapy target the actively growing cells in the body. Since your hair is continuously growing, chemo tends to lead to hair loss. Other medications can do this as well. If you just started a new medication and you are facing this type of symptom, it is time to speak to your doctor about it. Most often, once you stop taking that medication – if your doctor approves – you may see your hair growth return.

#5: Pregnancy

The body changes massively during pregnancy. Hair loss tends to be one of the victims of the process. When pregnancy occurs, the body must adjust hormone levels to compensate. As a result of this, the pregnancy can cause women to lose some of their hair, especially two to 4 months after the baby is born. Once your hormones levels are back to normal, hair growth will normalize as well.

Why is your hair loss happening? It cannot be said for sure until you visit a doctor to inquire about your options and your needs. Most importantly, it is essential that you turn to a doctor to discuss your concerns right away. Hair loss, especially sudden hair loss, can be cause for some concern.

For more information and complimentary consultation, contact the team at Unique Hair Concepts.

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