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Does Dry Shampoo Irritate the Scalp and Cause Hair Loss?

Does Dry Shampoo Irritate the Scalp and Cause Hair Loss?

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You are busy. You have such little time to get everything done in the day; you are happy to take just about any type of shortcut you can. You’ve found dry shampoo. It sounds like the ideal solution for your situation. But, there are rumors and concerns that dry shampoo is actually bad for your scalp and can even cause hair loss. Is it true? And, are you really getting anywhere near the clean you need when you use it? Let’s dive into what your expectations for true dry shampoo should be.

Social Media Taken By Storm

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of demand for dry shampoo. Whether you have seen models using it on fashion runways or you have just had friends post about it on social media, many people are using it because it seems like the perfect shortcut. But, just because everyone else is using it does not mean this is the best option for your hair. To be frank, it may be the worst idea to use to give yourself a healthy head of hair. It will cause damage, and it generally does not really clean your hair.

So, what it is it? This product is sprayed onto the hair. When in place, the spray works to soak up the natural oils from the hair. As a result, it helps to make your hair look as if you just washed it. In a matter of a few minutes, your hair looks as though it is clean and freshly styled. And, when your choice is to get up and wash your hair or hit the snooze button, this looks-good-enough solution, sounds like the best plan. This dry shampoo trend is something you can use when you do not have time but will have time the next day to really wash your hair.

But, What It Does Cannot Be Ignored

The problem is, many people do not stop there. They find themselves needing to use dry shampoo often. It is in this level of frequency that we are seeing concerns in terms of what the product is doing to a person’s scalp and hair. In short, it creates thinning. Yes, dry shampoo can cause you to lose your hair. This is not something you want to happen.

Dry shampoos can create a significant amount of buildup on the hair. This buildup may make your hair seem like it is clean, but in fact, it has a thick layer of build-up upon it. This build-up creates inflammation of the hair follicles. Over time, this irritation becomes enough to damage the scalp and the follicles, making it impossible for your hair to grow naturally. Hair begins to fall out and, over time, it can thin. Some people have reported having bald spots develop as a result of using too much dry shampoo.

Are You Using Dry Shampoo? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you are using dry shampoo products right now, take a few steps to minimize this risk.

• Not everyone will have this problem. If you are only using it a few times a month at the most, you are unlikely to have complications.
• Stop using it. If you notice hair thinning of any kind, stop using it. Talk to your hair stylist about properly cleansing your hair.
• If you do use it, choose a quality product. Again, do not use it often.

Dry shampoo is not a substitute for traditionally washing your hair. It cannot fix damaged hair, and it will create inflammation at the scalp. Avoid these complications by investing in an appointment with a hair professional. Discuss options for you to reduce the risk of losing hair from improper care. To learn more and for a complimentary, private consultation contact the team at Unique Hair Concepts.


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