What Hairstylists Wished You Knew About Your Hair

What Hairstylists Wished You Knew About Your Hair

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When it comes to going to a hairstylist, do you visit the same person time in and time out? Perhaps you feel comfortable with this professional because he or she really gets you. Have you asked them what they think about your hair and about the way you use their services? You may be surprised to learn that today’s stylists really do care about providing you with an exceptional experience and hair you love. And, they are more than willing to help you find a look that fits all of your goals.

What Do They Want You To Know?

Here are some of the things hairstylists want you to know, about your hair and about the services they provide to you. Take these aspects to heart when it comes to finding the best results possible.

Stylists want you to trust them.

They know a bit about hair, and they have a solid education in things like chemicals and the body’s makeup. They understand you are busy and you know your hair well. But this is their career. They understand what your hair needs. They want you to take them seriously when they provide you with some insight or give you some direction.

They want you to pay attention.

When you walk into a salon, consider the benefits of putting down your phone while you are working hand in hand, one on one with a stylist. This is a constant concern for many. If you are moving around, adjusting in your chair, and struggling to see your phone, you are changing everything about the way they are cutting, trimming, and styling your hair. Instead, give them a bit of attention now. You will love the results later.

They want you to have healthy hair.

Many times, individuals will want their hair changed to a different color. They want chemical treatments applied and, they want to do it all the same day. The problem is, these types of processes change the makeup of the hair. Over time – and really from one application to the next – your hair becomes damaged. This creates hair that is hard to manage and unhealthy. When your stylist says they cannot do something, that you have to wait, or that you need to take better care of your hair, listen to them. They are doing so to better your hair.

They can only do so much for you.

Many people come in with a very specific hairstyle, color, or look. They expect their hairstylist to make it happen. The problem is, it is very hard to replicate a look from a photo. The reason for this is your hair is unique to you. The way it reacts, the way it handles color, and the entire processing element all factor into what type of results you will get. The stylist should do his or her best to get your look as close to possible. Yet, you may want to be more specific about what you are after. Do you like the length of the hair? Do you really want the color?

The process takes time.

Do not be rushed to get your hair done. If you come in for an appointment for a color, you need to plan to be there for a few hours. The entire process takes time, and it can be one of the worst things possible to rush it. When it comes to ensuring your hair looks the best, always invest the time into your hair. Your stylist is willing to do so. You should consider it, too.

They will give you advice if you listen.

You want to learn how to style your hair. You want to learn how to have a fuller head of hair. Perhaps you really just want to find out the best way to get rid of the damage. Your stylist is more than willing to fill you in, and they have the knowledge to tell you. But you will also need to listen to what they say and follow their advice.

Taking these steps can transform the way you interact with your stylist. It can also give you the outcome you are looking for.

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