tr?id=1536307803095142&ev=PageView&noscript=1 Pomade, Styling Waxes, Gels and Beyond: A Styling Tutorial for Men
Pomade, Styling Waxes, Gels and Beyond: A Styling Tutorial for Men

Pomade, Styling Waxes, Gels and Beyond: A Styling Tutorial for Men

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Today more than ever, there are a variety of products on the market to help men to enjoy intense hairstyles and incredibly cool looks. No matter your age, the type of hair you have, the interests you have, or what ideas you have regarding hair styling, there are products that can transform your look in a matter of minutes. It is always best to work closely with your hair styling team to understand what your goals are and which products are best suited for your needs. But, this tutorial gives you some options to consider when you are looking for new styling methods.

You Have Plenty of Product to Choose From

One thing that is very clear is that there are plenty of new products on the market designed for men’s hair. This includes gels, mousse, wax, pomade, hair sprays, and much more. Here are a few examples that may impact you and how they can work to create the look you desire. If you have questions or want to learn how to use these products properly, it is best to turn to your hair stylist for a bit of one-on-one support.

Using Hair Gel

Hair gel is ideal for any situation where you want to mold or give your hair a specific shape. You may use gel for just about any type of look you desire. Gels work well to hold the hair in place no matter what style you desire. But, there are a variety of products out there. Choose hair gel based on the amount of strength they offer. If you want the hair to remain pretty stable but to still move, use a light hold product. For more stability and anti-gravity support, go with a firm hold product instead.

Hair Pomade

Many men have no idea what pomade is until they begin to use it. Then, they can see just how impressive it feels. Pomade is fantastic when you want to create a sleek hairstyle. You want something very defined and shiny. This type of product is going to create the slicked back look you require. It helps to define your hair, which can also help to provide you with more support. Hair pomade can also help you to have more controlled hair if your hair is rather short or a medium length and you struggle with other products.

Hair Waxes

Hairstyling waxes are another type of product. These tend to provide a lot of hold for just about any look. They also work well for molding the hair into various positions or styles. If you want to shape your hair to create a very defined look, even one that is defying gravity, then you probably want to use styling waxes. It creates a bit more gloss than other products and can create a sleek look for most needs. Use this type of holding product if your hair is wavy or straight. It works well for medium or shorter hair as well.

Grooming Spray

Grooming Spray is a must have for many men – even if they do not know it. This product is a light fixing spray that may be used in conjuction with pomades and waxes. It allows you to add texture to the hair. If you have hair that is wavy or curly hair, this type of product is going to be ideal. It does work to hold your hair in place, but it is more fitting and less heavy on the hair than other products.

There are other products out there to consider, too. For example, you may want to take into consideration hair sprays to help with a light hold. Or, you may want to consider styling cream, a product that works to get rid of frizz. It also helps to get rid of those flyaways. With so many products out there, you are sure to find products for just about any need.

The team at Unique Hair Concepts are well versed in grooming products for men. Contact us for a free, private consultation.


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