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5 Unexpected Reasons You May Be Losing Hair

5 Unexpected Reasons You May Be Losing Hair

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You have heard it before. Hair loss happens to everyone. It is nothing for you to worry about. Yet, when it starts to happen to you, you cannot help but be a bit worried. Why is this occurring and what can be done to fix it? No one wants to think about not having hair or losing too much hair. Will anyone notice what is happening? Sometimes, the best way to treat the condition is to determine what the source of the problem is. Luckily, most hair loss can be understood. But, it may not always be as obvious as you think. Take a look at these five common reasons for hair loss you simply did not know about.

#1: You Are Anemic?

It is not uncommon for people to suffer from an iron deficiency when losing hair. However, most people do not know they are lacking in iron in the first place. A clue could be the hair loss, but those who are anemic tend to be tired all of the time as well. If this is what may be happening to you, the good news is your doctor can determine it from a simple blood test. From there, your doctor can then help you to boost your iron numbers, both through your diet as well as through supplementation. Fixing this could help to boost your hair growth as well.

#2: Dramatic Weight Loss

You may feel you are always told to lose weight. You may know it is good for you. But, when you do, you notice your hair starts to thin out. Why is this happening? A dramatic amount of weight loss in a short amount of time is like a shock to the body. When it happens, the body needs to find a way to adjust hormone levels rapidly to meet for the new needs. And, this sometimes does not happen right away. As a result, your hair takes a hit. When hormones are not in balance, hair loss is very common. Again, over time, this will fix itself if you continue to eat well.

#3: Stress

You have heard the saying that a person is pulling his or her hair out. This often depicts a person struggling with stress or frustration. While people under stress do not necessarily pull their hair out, they do experience hair loss from it. This is an example of a common reason for hair loss, actually. The stress you feel causes a shift in your hormones (notice the common trend here in hormone imbalances?) When this happens, your hair growth drops suddenly as the system is shocked. Over time, reducing stress hormones can help to minimize your hair loss.

#4: A Disease

It is not as common for a person to suffer hair loss directly from a disease, but it can happen. A common scenario occurs in the treatment of diseases like cancer in which the drugs cause hair loss. However, some other diseases themselves can cause the hair to thin or fall out. This includes conditions such as lupus, thyroid disorders (including hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism) as well as conditions such as ringworm and lichen planus. Any of these can be detrimental to your overall well being as well as to your hair.

#5: Vitamin B12 deficiency

Another area of concern has to do with nutrition. Your body is very much dependent on nutrition to produce healthy hair, and yet many men and women do not get enough of the nutrients they need, causing hair loss to happen. One area of common concern has to do with Vitamin B12. If you feel like you are low on energy all of the time, perhaps tired and irritable, it could be due to a deficiency in this area. It can cause a lack of oxygen from reaching all of your cells. If you improve your B12 levels, you could see hair loss reduce.

Many of these conditions offer solutions to you. If you are struggling with hair loss, work with your doctor to determine the underlying cause. When you do, you may find it is possible to overcome your hair loss for good and get back on the road to health. To learn more about the hair loss prevention options available, contact the team at Unique Hair Concepts for a private consultation.

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