tr?id=1536307803095142&ev=PageView&noscript=1 Can an Osteoporosis Drug Help Fight Hair Loss?
Can an Osteoporosis Drug Help Fight Hair Loss?

Can an Osteoporosis Drug Help Fight Hair Loss?

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Hair loss is a growing problem for many men and women. There are numerous reasons hair loss happens. This can include everything from a poor diet to the dreaded receding hairline you are inheriting from your parents. The problem is, most people think hair loss is something they just have to deal with. They look at it as a problem they cannot solve. But, researchers and companies continue to look for solutions that can change this. Today, there are new solutions available to you as well. You may have heard about an osteoporosis drug that is working to help fight hair loss. Is this the right option for you?

How Can a Drug Help Hair Loss?

Researchers in the United Kingdom think they have a solution to hair loss. They believe that a drug commonly used to treat osteoporosis may be able to help people to restore hair growth after hair loss begins. This information comes from a study that took place at the University of Manchester’s Center for Dermatology Research. The researchers there found a compound that could potentially stop the impact of a protein that commonly suppresses hair growth within the scalp’s follicles. How could this happen?

Initially, the study’s researchers began work using a drug called Cyclosporine A. This is a common drug used to treat advanced osteoporosis in many areas. This drug works to treat other types of autoimmune diseases as well. It also helps to reduce organ transplant rejection. In short, it is not a new product or drug. But, researchers also knew it would lead to side effects. And, it did. The side effects from this particular drug were simply too severe to warrant it as an effective treatment for hair loss. So, they took the same principle and moved on.

This time, they studied WAY-316606. This is a specific compound. It is used to treat osteoporosis as well. During the study, researchers found that, after isolating hair follicles on the scalp, it was possible to apply the compound. When done, this encouraged hair growth in the person’s follicles. Most importantly, this type of hair growth happened without all of the same (or any) side effects caused by Cyclosporine A. This is exciting news for the team and there are continued studies happening to understand why it is occurring.

Why It Matters

Today, millions of people are dealing with hair loss. It occurs for many reasons, but it tends to have a rather devastating impact on a person’s well-being and their overall self-esteem. What this study does showcase a new way of treating this condition. It works to promote human hair growth. It has never been used as a treatment for hair growth before. However, over time, researchers believe it could be used directly on those patients who are suffering from significant hair loss – even if they do not have any type of additional ailment calling for this type of treatment.

Is It Available to You Yet?

The study, which was published in the PLOS Biology scientific resource, is still ongoing. Right now, the lead researcher of the study, Dr. Nathan Hawkshaw, continues to work and develop the solution. Although this is not an available treatment just yet for the treatment of hair loss, there is an open clinical trial likely. Researchers will need to host a clinical trial to fully understand the potential benefits and reactions patients have after taking this treatment option. It will be important to establish that it is safe to use as well as when it is a good choice to use. Therefore, this treatment product is not available yet, though it may be at some time in the future.

If you are experiencing hair loss, the simple thought of a drug that could cure it is amazing. Scientists continue to look for new and improved ways to help people struggling with hair loss from many conditions. This could be due to genetics but also due to disease and medications. Understanding the details, especially in how drugs like this, can help a person is essential. Though it is not available yet, this compound may be coming soon to help you after rigorous testing, clinical trials are conducted, and side effects are documented.

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