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What Is a Scalp Facial?

What Is a Scalp Facial?

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Think about the feeling of a facial. You sit down and relax. A cooling sensation comes over your skin. You feel yourself finally unwind. And, when it is all over, your skin feels incredible, clean, and beautiful. You feel and look younger. Did you know that you can get the same type of treatment – with slightly different results – through a scalp facial? For many people, this can be the exact tool they need to really transform the way their scalp feels and looks. It may give you the refreshed, healthy scalp and healthy hair that you have been looking for, too.

Why the Scalp?

Take a moment to think about your scalp. What you didn’t realize – though you probably knew – is that the scalp is actually your skin. It does differ slightly because of the hair growth there, but in fact it is your skin and as a result, it needs the same type of attention that your skin gets to remain healthy. The problem is, your hair makes it hard to focus on the skin itself. Most of the time, the products we use focus on treating the hair – cleaning it, conditioning it, and healing it – but they do not provide much attention to the scalp itself. A scalp facial can do this.

Is It New?

You may think this is a new concept and you may be right in some ways. However, the techniques used as well as the underlying reason for using the scalp facial really are not new. They have been used for several decades in Europe and Asia. They can help with a variety of conditions and have long been thought of as a must for treating hair. Your hair salon may now be offering them, and if so, you should have one to experience it.

When Can a Scalp Facial Help?

Anyone can benefit from having a scalp facial because it works very well to cleanse the scalp and gives your pores and hair a fresh start. However, it is particularly good for those who have issues with their scalp. This includes oiliness, very dry skin, flakes, and even those who have irritation and inflammation. It can help you to remove all of this “gunk” in your hair and scalp, so as to help your skin to feel better and to be overall healthier. It’s a fantastic way to get rid of buildup that clogs up the pores, allowing your hair to grow healthier and stronger. Another benefit from a scalp facial is less hair breakage and less hair shedding.

What Can You Expect from a Scalp Facial?

Just like a traditional facial, a scalp facial or scalp therapy treatment begins with a pre-shampoo or mask being used.  This pre-shampoo is used to remove excess oil, scalp build-up or flakiness. Then a hair steamer is used to open up the pores and provide an anti-bacterial effect.  Next, a manual lymphatic drainage massage is implemented to stimulate oxygen and further circulation to the scalp.  The process continues with a deep cleansing shampoo, conditioning of your hair and drops applied to the scalp to treat dryness, oiliness or remove build up.  The treatment is customized to your individual scalp type.  Lastly, low-level light therapy is used to promote healthy hair growth.  After a scalp facial you feel very relaxed and your hair feels amazing.

There are many benefits that come from scalp facials. First, you will find that it can help your hair to grow better – thanks to all of that blood flow to the area. It can also help to improve hair coloring and works well to just cleanse the hair and the roots well. All of this contributes to not only a healthy scalp, but also healthy, beautiful hair. You should consider getting a scalp facial a few times a year, unless you use a lot of product or would like to have one more often.

To learn more about scalp facials or scalp therapy, contact the team at Unique Hair Concepts for a free, private consultation that includes a scalp analysis.

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