5 Unlikely Triggers That May Be Causing Your Hair Loss

5 Unlikely Triggers That May Be Causing Your Hair Loss

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Why are you struggling with hair loss? You may be unsure of what is happening, but you are noticing more and more hair coming off your head and onto the comb. You may be thinking that your hair looks and feels thinner than it used to. You do not understand why this is happening. Is it new? Is it something to worry about? You should never ignore changes in your body especially when they happen quickly and without an obvious reason. But, when it comes to hair loss, it may be an unlikely trigger that is behind your hair loss. Here are five examples.

#1: Stress and Emotional Trauma

Everyone goes through stressful times. No matter what is behind that stress or emotional trauma, one thing is for sure – you simply need to make sure your body’s hormones remain regulated. When they are not, stress can trigger hair loss. Your body needs to move energy away from tasks like growing hair to tasks that need more focus, like keeping your heartrate up and ensuring your digestion is working well. Stress causes hormones to enter into the body and remain there for a long time. This stresses hair follicles and it can lead to significant hair loss.

#2: A Significant, Life Changing Event

A loved one has passed away. You are going through a divorce. Even if you are not spending your days crying or stressing out, the change in your life causes a chain in the way your body is working. Just like in a stressful situation, these types of life changing events task the body’s natural hormone production. Over time, this means that you are unable to produce healthy hair. Your skin may become dry. You may even develop itchy patches. Life changing events can often lead to hair loss.

#3: You're Eating Vegetables, Only

A switch in your diet will cause changes in your body, of course. For those that move to a vegan diet, it is very likely that you will experience some hair shedding and thinning. Vegan lifestyles can be hard to manage. Sometimes you just cannot get enough of the nutrients your hair needs to grow well. Protein, for example, that is not managed properly can lead to hair loss. Keep in mind that you can balance your diet and increase your variety of nutrients to fight back against this problem. In other words, you can have beautiful hair and still be vegan, but you need to pay more attention to what you are eating.

#4: You Are Losing Weight

That should be a good thing, at least you think so. The problem is, losing weight in a rapid manner will stress the body (remember, stress and hormone regulation is very much linked together). When you lose weight, several things happen. First, your body needs to adjust the hormone production it has. Second, there is also the concern with how you are losing weight. If you are exercising more, this means your body’s nutrient intake needs to be higher to burn as fuel. If you are using a fad diet that removes a whole food group, then you are stressing your body and causing the hair loss as a result. For more information, read this blog on hair loss caused by losing weight.

#5: It’s Physical Trauma

How can physical trauma actually impact your hair? There are many reasons like this. Severe illness, for example, causes stress throughout the body. It limits your body’s ability to focus on hair growth. If you’ve been sick for a long time, this can occur. Another type of trauma has nothing to do with actual emotional loss, but the actual physical damage done to the hair follicles and scalp. Are you using too much heat or too many chemicals? Perhaps you are pulling on your hair by having it up all of the time. This can and does cause trauma to the follicles.

At the end of the day, you need to know what’s behind your hair loss so you can fix it. The good news is that many of these conditions can be reversed successfully if you learn what the cause is and work with a hair loss professional to treat it.  If you are seeing changes in your hair and would like to learn your options, contact the team at Unique Hair Concepts.

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