Is It True That the Hair Loss Gene Comes from the Mother's Side of the Family?

Is It True That the Hair Loss Gene Comes from the Mother's Side of the Family?

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You’ve heard it before. Look at your dad's head. Look at your grandfather's hair. This is the indication of what your hair is going to be like when you get older. It may seem like a logical assumption. Why wouldn't every man believe that his hair patterns would come from his father? And, for women, it may seem logical that what happens on the female side of their family is where it will go as you age. Yet, there is information that indicates that it may actually be the mother's side of the family that plays a role in what your hair will look like in 20, 30, or more years.

So, what's the truth?

Here's what is actually true, based on research released in 2015. The fact is, it is not necessarily your all of your mother's side of the family's fault if you lose your hair.

Many people believe that it the result of the genes on the mother's side of the family that contributes to whether or not you will lose your hair. It is true that the gene for baldness is located on the  X chromosome. It is true, then, that the X chromosome comes from your mother. However, this does not provide a clear indication of hair loss risk. What research indicates is that men who have fathers who have lost hair prematurely are at a higher likelihood of going bald at an early age.

So, that makes it even more confusing.

If your hair loss does not come from your mom's side of the family and it does not come from your father's side of the family, where does it come from, in fact? What you may not realize is that it actually comes from both sides of the family. This may not be what you want to hear. However, if you have any type of hair loss on either side of your family – going back a few generations in fact – you are at a higher risk of developing hair loss yourself. That is bad news for anyone who was hoping to avoid hair loss because they have just one grandfather or one grandmother who has had hair loss. But, do not give up just yet when it comes to hair loss. You may be able to avoid it nonetheless.

Why Are You Losing Hair?

If you are younger and wondering what will cause you to lose your hair – or if you will at all – focus on what is really going to impact this risk. Generally, it is far more common for people to begin to see hair loss as a direct result from the body's increasing sensitivity to one of the hormones in the body – androgens. This is the male sex hormone. And, it will become the deciding factor for many people about whether or not they suffer from hair loss. You may even want to be careful about how much of this hormone is in your body. Hormone tests can help to make that information a bit clearer for you.

But, there's more. You are also likely to develop hair loss at a higher rate if you have high levels of cholesterol. You may have a higher rate of occurrence if your hormones are not balanced. And, there is always risks associated with being unhealthy due to diet and lifestyle choices you make. As you can see, a wide variety of factors will ultimately play a role in whether or not you lose your hair at a young age.

So, what can you do about it?

There is no way to look into the mirror of the future and know if you are going to lose hair or when it will happen. It is a good indication that you will lose at least some hair if you have a grandparent that has lost hair. This is very true for men, and less true for women. If you have other factors that can contribute to hair loss, such as those listed here, you are even more likely to lose it. Yet, technology is on your side. There are new hair solutions available to you to help you get your hair back. To  learn more about the advancements in hair restoration technologies and hair loss prevention therapies, contact the team at Unique Hair Concepts for a free, in-depth, private consultation.

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