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4 Winter Hair Care Tips

4 Winter Hair Care Tips

Unique Hair Concepts

Whenever there are significant changes to temperatures, you can expect changes to occur to your hair as well. With winter, we often think about the cold, wet weather as a reason to bundle up. You may end up spending more time indoors and less time in the chlorine pool or saltwater ocean. For many, it also signals a time for changes in the way they treat their hair. Fall is, of course, the perfect time to start a new look or to change up the way you look for the elegance of the holiday season. No matter what you do to look great or how you change the way you are living, you also need to update the way you care for your hair at this time of the year.

#1: Where to Start – Your Stylist

It is a great idea to make an appointment with your hair stylist now. This is when you'll want to create a plan for your hair. One key thing to remember is that everyone's hair is very different. Throughout the year, the changes you notice to the way your hair looks, feels, and acts, are going to be different than those of another person. Recognize this. Work with your stylist to make a few adjustments specific to your needs.

#2: Focus on Your Scalp

During the winter months, you are spending more time indoors where the air is drier. You'll find that your scalp is likely to be the first area of your body to "notice" this drier temperature and to react to it. A dry scalp can be painful and itchy. You may notice more flakes in your hair or on your clothing. Don't worry. This is not uncommon during this time of the year.

  • Improve the humidity in your home to help your skin stay hydrated.
  • Consider using a moisturizer on your skin and choosing a shampoo that offers more deep conditioning.
  • Pull back on some of the more intense hair styling treatments you have been using. Give your scalp the time to heal.
  • Schedule scalp treatments based on your scalp/skin type. Believe it or not an oily scalp is different from a dry, dehydrated one.  Therefore, a specific scalp care protocol must be put into place.  At Unique Hair Concepts, we use special tools to measure oil, hydration and Ph levels of your scalp to determine the correct scalp care regimen.  This is conducted during our free, private consultation.

The key here is to ensure that your scalp is also getting the nutrients and support it needs. You will also find a benefit from adding more green vegetables and lean proteins to your diet and taking a multivitamin to help support your scalp and hair follicles.

#3: Controlling Frizzy Hair

The dry scalp conditions will also cause additional frustrations for many as their hair becomes frizzy. Your hair may seem like it is very damaged and may break if you comb through it. That's because of the lack of moisture present. The good news is you can fix this and have beautiful hair you love without much delay.

  • First, use a wide-mouthed comb to remove as much of the tangles from your hair as possible.
  • If possible, look for an all-natural product to add moisture to your hair. You can even use organic, raw honey combed through the hair to the roots. Simply apply, cover it with a towel and wash off after 30 minutes.
  • Look for a deep conditioner if you do not want to use honey. You'll want something that is designed to improve damaged hair. At Unique Hair Concepts, we recommend Milk Spray from CRLAB. This leave-in conditioning spray has moringa extract that protects the hair shaft from heated tools and UV rays.  It is one of our go-to products.

Most people will find that this is an excellent way to have shiny, healthy hair inexpensively, too.

#4: Avoid the Hair Dryer

Again, we're focusing on dull and frizzy hair here. During the winter months, you do not want to hurt your hair further with a blow dryer. Instead:

  • Towel off your hair gently.
  • Allow it to hair air dry if possible.
  • If not, choose the lowest setting and aim for cool drying instead.

It's all about focusing on what's happening with your hair. Winter months can be tough on hair if you try to apply the same treatments and styling as you did throughout the summer and spring. However, a hair professional can help you to create a healthy look that's perfectly suitable for every event you need to attend throughout this season. Focus on healthy hair this winter. To learn more, contact the team at Unique Hair Concepts for a free, private consultation.

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