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DIY- Hair Mask for Damaged Hair

DIY- Hair Mask for Damaged Hair

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When was the last time you spent any time fixing your hair? That is, when was the last time you applied a mask to help restore its healthy and rejuvenate the way it looks and feels? Many times, individuals go day by day with the same routine of washing, drying, and styling their hair without thinking much about what they should do in between. This constant styling is often why damage occurs to hair in the first place. After all, all of that work on your hair can create a significant toll on its overall structural integrity and its feel. One of the ways to fix this is with a do it yourself hair mask. Designed just for damaged hair, it can help to give your hair the health restoration it needs.

You Have Options to Choose From

Before you get started, talk to your hair stylist about what may be a good fit for your needs. Everyone's hair is a bit different but getting the right ingredients is important. Then, take a look at a few of these recommendations. These are all do it yourself solutions you can make at home in between your stylist appointments. Which one will you try first?

A Strawberry Hair Mask for Damaged Hair

Are you loving the scent of strawberry? Well, this hair mask can do much more for you. Create a mask for your hair like this. Simply choose a handful of strawberries, along with one egg yolk, and one tablespoon of olive oil and mix together. It is best to use a blender for this as the emulsification will help to activate the tools in the mask that will go to work healing your damaged hair. Then, apply this to your hair, wait for about 30 minutes, and then wash out thoroughly. You'll love the scent!

Straight Egg Hair Masks for Damaged Hair

Perhaps one of the most widely used options for damaged hair is the use of eggs in general. The egg's yolk has a large amount of nutrients in it, including both fats and proteins. These can help to create a strong moisturizer for your hair and the scalp itself. What's more you will also find that the egg's white portion has a helpful enzyme in it that eats away at bacteria that's commonly found on the scalp. To make an egg hair mask like this, take two eggs and beat them well. You then apply this to your wet hair and allow it to sit in place for about 30 minutes. Then, wash it away. It is best to repeat this process once a week, unless you use another hair mask in between.

Olive Oil and Milk Hair Mask

Another option is to add a bit of milk to the mixture. To create this antioxidant and soothing solution, mix two egg whites along with a cup of whole milk – you want the fats in it – along with two tablespoons of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice. Blend it well and then apply it to your hair. Allow it to sit for about 20 minutes and then wash it clean. You'll love how soothing this can be to damaged hair.

Milk and Honey Hair Mask

If you have any level of inflammation on your scalp – such as it feels dry, itching, or is red – then you will benefit from the milk and honey hair mask. When you mix these two items together, you'll not only soothe those areas of inflammation, but these ingredients work well to strengthen hair. If you have brittle hair, this mask is an excellent choice. To make it, simply mix about two teaspoons of honey – choose an organic, high quality honey here, and mix it with two cups of whole milk. Mix well enough so that the honey dissolves into the milk. Then, apply to your hair. Put a shower cap on to help hold this mixture in place. Wait about 15 minutes and then wash with a mild soap.

Any of these hair masks will help give your damaged hair a natural way to heal. They feel good, smell good, and they are all-natural solutions to stimulate hair growth, reduce inflammation, and help to restore damaged hair.  Not sure if you want to create your own mask at home?  Contact the team at Unique Hair Concepts for a free private consultation and to learn more about our custom scalp and hair treatments.

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